Dream About Being Kidnapped Meanings & Interpretations

Dream About Being Kidnapped

Have you ever had a dream in which you were kidnapped? The police are calling, the FBI is rushing, and you’re being taken to the most secure and terrifying place ever. The kidnappers are dragging you through the dark forest, looking for a hiding spot. 

You might be walking down a deserted road somewhere or driving on an empty highway with nothing but fog in sight. Maybe you’re kidnapped in dream in your own home. Maybe you’re in the middle of showering, so when you look out the window and see strangers standing in front of your house, you have no idea what to expect.

Dreams about being kidnapped are usually shadows of our concerns and fears. We know that we’re safe in our homes, so when we imagine it, it becomes a stressful scenario — the most stressful scenario- since it’s the scariest thing to imagine. 

If you compare kidnapping themes with other common nightmares (being chased, falling, having teeth falling out, sinking in quicksand), you can easily see how much more frightening abduction is than your average nightmare.

What Does It Mean To Dream About Being Kidnapped?

What Does It Mean To Dream About Being Kidnapped?

1) Fear of losing control: 

In most dreams, you control yourself and your body, but you are no longer the main character when kidnapped. Someone else takes over, and you don’t know what they expect from you or what they might do to force you to change. 

You can see how it brings up a bit of fear — or even terror — in us. In real life, we try to control everything around us because it gives us a sense of comfort. 

If you dream about getting kidnapped, something is making you lose control in real life, or you’re worried about losing control over someone or something important.

2) Loss of memory and reality:

The scariest thing is not knowing what will happen and being unable to block the scary things out. In dreams, the loss of memory is an almost guaranteed effect. 

It doesn’t matter how realistic you try to make it because if the characters from your dream are going to steal your phone and your car and all you have is a backpack, there’s no way you’ll remember what’s going on. If you dream about being kidnapped, you might want to look for things in real life that make you forget what’s important.

3) Desire for freedom:

Being kidnapped takes away control and freedom. This is what makes it so terrifying, but also what keeps us coming back repeatedly to check the meaning of it all. 

Why do we enjoy this kind of nightmare so much? Because it’s usually a metaphor or symbol for something else we can’t control, whether that is other people, our fears, or our situation in life. If you dream about being kidnapped, it either means you have lost a fight against someone else, or it might symbolize certain situations or people’s difficulties.

4) Feeling overwhelmed or manipulated:

Dreaming about being kidnapped is a bit like fighting a war without being able to stop the war and a little bit like watching the ending of Seven. You’re always trying to figure out who to trust, and you know you’re losing control, but there are always two sides doing everything they can to bring you down. 

But no matter how hard it gets and how much effort your dreams put into making you lose control, you keep going because that’s what heroes do.

5) Emotional turmoil or conflict:

Kidnapping dreams are very expressive, and they try to show you the contradiction between your feelings and your actions. When you dreams of being kidnapped, it’s usually not because someone kidnapped or threatened to. 

It’s because you feel like something or someone is taking control over you and making you lose sight of who you are. At the same time, a part of your dream always speaks for the other side and tries to control things.

6) Warning or self-protection: 

Dreaming of being kidnapped might be a metaphor for many other things: a big fight, moving away from something dangerous or unknown, or the idea that you want to keep everything under control and not let it slip.

Spiritual Meaning Of Being Kidnapped In a Dream

Spiritual Meaning Of Being Kidnapped In a Dream

The meaning of a dream about being kidnapped depends on how you interpret the details and how you feel. You might be concerned that someone will try to get something from you, money, property, or something else. 

If this is happening to you, then a kidnapping indicates a problem with trust and generosity in your waking life or strong feelings about giving things away.

Dream of being kidnapped spiritual meaning can also reflect personal or family history. It has been said that if you dream of being kidnapped, it may reflect a family member who was kidnapped or held hostage.

If you’re unable to move, trapped, or restrained in any way by the kidnappers, then your dream about being kidnapped symbolizes frustration over feeling helpless and unable to express yourself fully. 

In spirituality, the kidnapping dream meaning is all about surrendering to the greater plan, even if you don’t understand it. If you’re being taken, there is a message floating in your dream that you must follow more patiently and understandably.

13 General Scenarios on Dream About Being Kidnapped & Their Interpretations

13 General Scenarios on Dream About Being Kidnapped & Their Interpretations

1) Dream of being kidnapped and escaping: 

This is probably the most common kidnapping dream and seems connected to many fears. The abduction element might be a straightforward fear — you’re being pulled into a car or dragged somewhere against your will. 

But the escape element indicates that you’re not kidnapped, yet you feel that way. You may fear being controlled or manipulated by others; in this case, the kidnapping is just an exaggerated version of what you might feel in real life.

What does it mean when you dream of being kidnapped and escaping? The dream of being kidnapped and escaping meaning can be hard to pin down. If it’s the first time, it probably means you’re a victim and feel trapped by some outside influence or circumstance. 

If you think about this dream for the next few days, you might feel like an outsider being forced to do something against their will.

2) Dreaming of being kidnapped by a stranger: 

If you had a dream about being kidnapped by a stranger, the chances are that there’s something you recently discovered about yourself or your life that is unknown and which worries you. 

The dream of being kidnapped by a stranger may also be a metaphor for your fears and concerns about the unknown. In case of concern, one should go through some paces of self-examination since they are the same ones worrying about what is unknown. 

One may need to find out if it is something they genuinely have to worry about. The dream meaning of being kidnapped by a stranger is not always as simple as that, of course. It can be a symbol of worries about sexual identity and the secret that one is holding on to.

3) Dream about someone else being kidnapped: 

Such dreams are usually the ones in which someone close to us is kidnapped. It could be your older sibling, a friend, your child, or maybe even you — as we’ve mentioned earlier – it could be you if you happen to be famous. 

Nightmares about being kidnapped are usually of someone else, or we see it occurring to people around us. This is because when we dream about something, we can only see what our mind lets us see. Our subconscious mind usually merges current concerns with past experiences. 

So if you’re having a nightmare about your best friend being kidnapped, chances are you’ve been worrying about them lately. Dreaming of someone being kidnapped is a way for our subconscious to tell us that we should pay more attention to this person or just that we should be extra careful ourselves.

4) Dream About Being Kidnapped and Tortured:

A dream about being kidnapped and tortured would be similar to a normal abduction scenario, except that your kidnappers are not trying to hide anything. They want you to know that you’ve been captured and that they have the power to give you pain.

This nightmare might tell you that something important will change in your life (and it could be an opportunity or a problem). You’re going through an event that will alter your reality, so it gets on the list of things to fear. The attempted kidnapping dream meaning is great for predicting that criminals will target you.

5) Dream About Being Held Captive: 

Being held captive is one of the most serious situations to dream about. It could symbolize some feeling of helplessness, being powerless, or being unable to save yourself from something. You’re feeling stuck and have no control over your life or decisions. 

It might also represent a lack of trust in current relationships and may indicate that people in your life are not honest with you and don’t respect you enough. 

In this sense, being kidnapped may result from your inner anger and frustration with others. To dream of being kidnapped may also indicate that you need to be more self-reliant and independent.

6) Dream of Child Being Kidnapped:

If you dream of kidnapping any small child, please consider the following points. At first, it may seem hard to believe someone could dream about kidnapping a child or kidnapping one. 

But people have dreams where they search for children they know they don’t have and take them somewhere — perhaps because they want to keep them or maybe because they need the child for some reason.

People also dream about being kidnapped by traffickers who want to sell children into slavery or prostitution.

7) Dream of Saving Someone From Being Kidnapped:

The theme of saving someone from being kidnapped is highly related to the idea of power. It’s about how we feel about our lives and our experiences. 

It’s about whether we think we are in control or not. Such dreams may point out that we are doing things on our own and for our own sake. That we’re not letting anybody control us or manipulate us. That we’re in charge and nobody else is.

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8) Dream of Being Kidnapped By a Taxi Driver:

This dream is common in people who are uneasy about being in a taxi. If you don’t feel comfortable with being in a taxi, and for some reason, a taxi driver appears in your dream. It usually means you’re anxious about hiring a taxi service or taking one to get somewhere.

When you are getting kidnapped in a dream by a taxi driver, you’re concerned about the safety of getting in a taxi. Perhaps you’ve had prior bad experiences with cabs not showing up or being late, or perhaps you don’t like sitting in one.

9) Dream of being kidnapped in a car:

This might not be the most popular dream interpretation, but being kidnapped in a car is still a very common scenario. Being kidnapped from your car is usually related to an uncomfortable situation:  having to drive somewhere and having other people in the car with you. 

The kidnapper might force you to drive somewhere you do not want to go or to drive against your will. The kidnapper might have already killed someone and wants you to take their place and escape this way.

10) Dream about being kidnapped by someone you know:

Have you ever seen a friend being kidnapped? Probably not. Or you have, but everyone has. It’s always a little weird when your friend is kidnapped. You know it’s not real, so why does it feel so wrong?

The dream about being kidnapped by someone you know suggests that you see this situation as a bad analogy for situations with people close to you. You believe that they can be capable of anything — no matter how much you trust them, it will not surprise you if something happens to them.

Dreams about getting kidnapped by someone you know may also suggest that there are people close to you who are not as good as you think. If this is the case, then despite your friendship, they might be capable of harming you in some way. Under some circumstances, this can lead to great stress and even fear in the dreamer.

11) Dream about getting Kidnapped By an Ex:

If you dream of being kidnapped by your ex, you reject being in a relationship again. Perhaps you feel that the person is a bad choice for you, or perhaps you feel that they don’t treat you as well as the current partner does. 

You try to avoid getting into another relationship, even though your mind tells you otherwise.

12) Dream of getting Kidnapped and Falling in Love:

When you’re being kidnapped, you might be walking along with your kidnappers, but when you look at them and see that they are attractive and intelligent, you fall in love. This is a very common dream theme.

Such a dream can mean that you have a crush on someone or have thought about it in the past. You might also be trying to get into a relationship with someone without success (if you see them surrounded by people, they probably don’t want you to).

13) Dreaming of Spouse Being Kidnapped:

Dreaming of your spouse being kidnapped represents your anxiety regarding the threat of losing your partner to another person. Your subconscious fears that something might come between you and your significant other, perhaps in a way that is magnified by your imagination.

If you dream of people kidnapping your spouse, find different ways to spend time with them. Some relationships grow more distant over time, and we must bring excitement and romance back into our lives.

Biblical Meaning of Being Kidnapped In a Dream

Biblical Meaning of Being Kidnapped In a Dream

The biblical dream interpretation of being kidnapped in a dream is about needing to let go of spiritual baggage. 

You’re finally at peace and ready to relinquish your attachment to the past, so the person or people escorting you through the forest or in front of your house are there to help you do this. If you’re dreaming that you’re sinking, it may be a way of letting go of unnecessary weight from a situation that is causing you stress.

What does it mean when you dream about getting kidnapped? Dream of being kidnapped and escaping Biblical meaning reveals that your good intentions are why you will be taken to the place you fear the most. Free yourself from those thoughts and let things happen in their own time.

Dream of being kidnapped Islamic Meaning

Dream of being kidnapped Islamic Meaning

Islamic dreams have an especially bizarre way of giving you the necessary messages. A dream about being kidnapped means you’re being deceived by a Muslim trying to hide their true intentions. You won’t be able to recognize it until it’s too late, but this false person wants to bring harm to you and your loved ones.

What does it mean when you dream of being kidnapped and escaping in Islam? If you dream of kidnapping and escaping a Muslim has tricked you. 

This person wants to put a veil on the truth and manipulate you into believing otherwise. You should be more careful about choosing your Muslim friends and ensure they’re honest with you.

The Bottom Line!

The idea of being kidnapped in a dream means you are suffering from inner anxiety. Perhaps you feel trapped and find yourself surrounded by people. 

Perhaps the situation reminds you of an uncomfortable situation in your life, or it suggests that you must look at how you feel about the people around you or the experiences in your life.

The above dream interpretation will help you understand your dreams. If you have any questions regarding dream interpretation, please let us know. Thank you for reading this post and sharing it with your friends.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) What does it mean when you dream of being kidnapped and escaping spiritually?

A: You’re going through a life-changing event in which you’re transformed from an innocent, blissful state of mind into one of anxiety and fear.

2) What does it mean when you dream about being kidnapped?

A: You’re experiencing trauma and waking up in shock.

3) I had a dream I was kidnapped! What does it mean?

A: This dream is highly likely stressful or traumatic, most likely related to the September 11th attacks.

4) Why did I dream about getting kidnapped?

A: It may be a sign that you need to pay more attention to your surroundings, or it could be a sign that you need an emotionally-charged adventure.

5) What does it mean when you dream your child is kidnapped?

A: This can mean many things, but it probably involves your feelings of guilt and shame.

6) I dream my daughter was kidnapped! What does this dream mean?

A: Such a dream represents the core of your universal power, the power of creation and destruction.

7) What does it mean when you dream about escaping and running away from danger?

A: Your feelings of guilt, shame, and regret are building up inside you, and you must let it out before it becomes too much.


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