White Cat Dream Meanings & Interpretations

White Cat Dream Meaning

Have you been wondering what a white cat in a dream might mean? It might be a message to pay attention to something happening in your waking life. A white cat could also symbolize fear or anger, or it may represent someone who is gossiping about you.

In this blog post, I’ll share my thoughts on the most common interpretations and meanings of white cats in dreams.

What Does A White Cat Symbolize In Dreams?

What Does A White Cat Symbolize In Dreams?

It’s a common myth that Kittens represent innocence, but this is only true if you are a cat fan and know all cats are born black and white. If you want to discover what actual meaning or symbolism a kitten has in your dream, find out!

1) Purity and innocence: 

When I think of a white cat in a dream, I think of purity and innocence. Kittens represent innocence and goodness, which could be reflected in your dreams when you are urged to do this. 

You may also be having doubts about your decisions or feel as if you need to remember something. A white cat in a dream could be telling you to overlook negativity and trust your intuition.

2) Good luck and prosperity: 

While the cat dream meaning is the same as the symbolism of white rabbits. When you dream of a white cat, it may mean that you will be lucky or prosperous somehow or that something good is about to happen. 

The most crucial step is to pay attention to your emotions: If you are stressed, sad, upset, or angry, this could not be good news. But if you’re happy and excited about something coming up, this could mean a positive change.

3) You will get your heart’s desire: 

A white cat in a dream symbolizes that you will be granted the desires and wishes of your heart. If you dream of a white cat being threatened, this could mean that a current relationship is in danger.

4) Something is wrong: 

If you dream of a dead or dying white cat, this could symbolize destruction and the end of something good. A white cat that dies or gets hurt may also indicate health issues for someone close to you. If you’re dreaming of a white cat that’s ill or injured, this could mean ill health and weaknesses within yourself.

5) You should pay attention to something: 

If a white cat is chasing you in your dreams, this could mean that you should pay attention to the changes and obstacles in your waking life. 

If you dream that other animals are chasing a white cat, this could symbolize how people treat others or how the attacked person feels about her circumstances. It may also be an omen that something bad and unfortunate is about to happen.

6) Warning or danger: 

If a strange white cat approaches you in your dreams, this symbolizes the arrival of people or situations that may interfere with your plans. 

An angry white cat could also mean you must think things through before deciding and not let anger cloud your judgment.

Seeing White Cat In Dream Spiritual Meaning

Seeing White Cat In Dream Spiritual Meaning

White is the color associated with heaven. In spirituality, white represents purity and innocence. On the other hand, a white cat in a dream may symbolize happiness or joy.

On the other hand, in dreams where a  cat is white, this could mean that things won’t go well for you. It might also be based on your belief system or philosophy about what happens after death.

A white cat in a dream can also represent someone who cannot provide or give back what they promised. When a white cat appears with other cats, it usually means two people are involved.

General Dreams About White Cats With Their Meanings

General Dreams About White Cats With Their Meanings

1) Dream about a white cat scratching me:

Dreaming about a white cat scratching you will likely indicate that you must be more careful about what you say to people.

Your words or comments may become more offensive and hurtful than expected, making others turn against you.

This message is more common when the dreamer is a young person less aware of their actions and words.  Even adults may need to learn the lesson that their words can harm certain people.

2) Dream about a white cat attacking you: 

When you dream about a white cat attacking you, this could mean that you’re feeling angry at someone or something. Or, it could be a sign that you are being attacked somehow. 

A white cat symbolizes purity, so it may be a warning against letting yourself be corrupted. It could also mean that you’re feeling angry with someone, and you’re just not admitting it.

White cat attack dream meaning can also be based on your personality. If you dream about a white cat attacking you, you may feel angry, and there’s likely a reason for it. You may even have violent past experiences with this type of cat.

3) Seeing a white cat at night in dream: 

Having a dream about seeing a white cat at night indicates that you must be careful about who you trust because someone may be plotting against you.

If a white cat suddenly appears and jumps at you while walking down a dark street, it might mean someone has been following you and is about to attack.

If the cat approaches from behind, it might signal that someone is waiting for you.

4) Seeing white kitten in dream:

To see a kitten in a dream is usually a good sign unless it’s too large and you are too afraid to touch it. The cat’s size can also indicate how well-behaved the baby will be, although sometimes, seeing a white kitten in dreams may mean the mother is expecting another litter soon. 

Such dreams suggest you must be reborn or look for a way to start afresh.

5) Dream about playing with the white cat:

A white cat in a dream may mean you have difficulty feeling happy. You may be too old to play with a real cat. If you play with a white cat in your dream, this could mean you need to talk about your feelings with someone. Moreover, you want to let out what’s on your mind and be heard.

You are not alone and not the only one who feels the way you do. You want to be heard!

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6) Dream of being chased by white cat:

Being chased by a white cat in a dream suggests that you are experiencing fear. This may be due to something happening in your life or something you’ve seen or heard. 

If the cat looks vicious and appears to be hunting you, then this represents an element of fear that’s been triggered inside you, and it’s not going away.

In addition, the white cat chasing you could also be trying to save you from something or protect you from harm.

7) Dream About Being Followed by a White Cat:

If you happen to see a white cat in your dream while someone is following you or if there is a “peculiar” creature following you, then it means that you are suspicious of the people around you. 

Your intuition is trying to tell you something terrible or malicious may be happening under your nose without realizing it.

When a white cat is following you in your dream, it can mean experiencing unusual problems. You may feel you are being watched or followed in your waking life, causing stress.

8) Dream of a Stubborn White Cat:

When you dream of a stubborn white cat, it may say you’re holding on to an old habit, and it’s hard to let go. You might also be preoccupied with minor details and must catch up on the bigger picture. In addition, your emotions could be very complicated.

In addition, dreaming of a white cat that is stubborn or hostile might represent attitudes about your independence and your rebellious nature.

9) Dreaming of white cat biting you:

To dream of being bitten by a white cat, you must know your actions and what you say. Your life is so busy you don’t have time to care for yourself or develop the right habits. Or, you may be very critical of others.

This kind of dream is often a foreshadowing of a future life problem.  If you dream of being bitten by a white cat, try to become kind and gentle towards other people.

10) Dream about a white cat in the house:

Seeing a white cat in the home may indicate that you must be more careful of what you say. Be wary of what you share with others, even if you consider them friends, because they might eventually use it against you.

Here’s an example of a dream about a white cat: I dreamed that I saw a white cat in my house when no other cats or animals were living with me. In the dream, I knew it was not normal for the cat to be in my house. I went to the kitchen and saw it standing there. 

I immediately started looking for evidence that I had a  pet living in my house. I walked around the whole house to look for any sign that belonged there but could not find anything. When I came back into the kitchen, it was gone.

This dream prompted me to check any devices connected to my home, such as security cameras and other electronic devices.

11) Dream of a Dead White Cat:

Dreaming of dead cats, in general, means death and mourning. Your body and mind are preparing for the physical loss you are about to experience from the passing of someone or something. 

This can be either a pet or an immediate family member or friend who has died recently, or perhaps you are grieving the recent loss of a relationship. Additionally, dead pets will foretell animal deaths, injury, untimely death, or sexual intercourse.

White Cat Dream Biblical Meaning

White Cat Dream Biblical Meaning

The Bible book of Revelation uses the color white as a symbol for the healing of believers. And in the book of Revelation, there’s a song in which Jesus is glorified with white hair.

Besides that, Jesus commands Christians to love their enemies and pray for those who persecute them. Perhaps you should see it as an expression of love and concern for someone who hurt you in the past. 

Dreaming of white cats in Bible times could mean you are overwhelmed by everyday life’s pressures or stresses.

White Cat Dream Meaning In Hindu

White Cat Dream Meaning In Hindu

The color white is associated with the moon in Hinduism. In this spiritual tradition, the cat symbolizes wisdom and the carrier of souls. The death of a  white cat in a dream could signal that your time on earth will be over soon.

In Hinduism, the gods Vishnu and Shiva both have connections to cats. Vishnu’s vehicle is a tortoise called Kūrma, with four white arms and a white image on his chest.

White Cat Dream Meaning In Islam

White Cat Dream Meaning In Islam

In dreams, the color white often symbolizes peace and tranquility. It is also associated with angels, and it is a color of purity and innocence.

In Islam, the white cat symbolizes peace, mercy, purity, truth, light, and sincerity. Dreaming that you are seeing a white cat might express how your life will be after you die.

Final Thoughts!

As you can see from the discussion above, dreams about white cats can have various meanings depending on different factors. The meaning is only sometimes a happy one.

So, if you dream of a white cat, think it through and try to remember your dream as much as possible because it might have some significance in your life.

Thanks for reading my article about the meaning of dreams about white cats. Please share your opinion with us in the comments below.


1) What does it mean to dream of a white cat?

A: A white cat in a dream will depend on what the cat is doing, who else is, and your reaction to seeing it.

2) Is it good to see the white cat?

A: I’ve never heard anyone say seeing a white cat in a dream is bad. I have heard people say that they were afraid to see one, but why shouldn’t you be afraid of something as beautiful and as mysterious as the nature of our minds?

3) What is the spiritual meaning of a white cat in a dream?

A: A white cat could symbolize fear or anger within you, or it could be a warning to pay attention to something in your waking life.

4) What is special about white cats?

A: There are many different kinds of white cats in the world. In addition to the four-legged ones, there are fluffy white cats that live in trees,


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