What Does It Mean to Dream About Cats?

Dream About Cats

Dreaming about cats is a popular topic that has been studied extensively. But what does it mean to dream about this kind of animal? What are the symbols it stands for, and what’s the significance?

In this blog post, we’ll explore the different meanings and interpretations of dreaming about cats in hopes that you will learn more about your dreams.

To dream of a cat

“Cat dream lover” represents an affectionate person and expression of one’s individuality. Cats can also represent our subconscious or a mysterious part of our mind.

In this case, the symbol represents who you are deep inside and not your exterior appearance. Sometimes, if you’re outgoing and compliment people easily, you show others your essence. If a cat is chasing you, it means something is bothering you, and you are not happy about this. Remember, all change can be positive if you deal with your problems head-on.

Dreaming of an evil cat may indicate a conflict in your conscious or subconscious mind. Evil cats represent negative thoughts of yourself, but if the dream felt “good,” it can mean the opposite. It means that evil thoughts are positive things that should be embraced and not deleted from your mind.

To dream of a black cat

To dream of a black cat

It can be a warning not to take any chances. If you dream of a black cat and you see another one in your dream, it may mean that you’re going down a dangerous path.

To dream of a tawny (brown) cat is considered an omen of ill health because it causes cancer to its owner. The connection between the color of the cat’s coat and the illness suffered by its owner is probably more due to coincidence than anything else.

Dream about beating a cat

In a dream, beating a cat can represent thoughts of a certain nature. If you’re beating a black cat in your dream, it can represent negative thoughts and emotions toward someone. It is an omen of good health if you beat a tawny or white cat.

Dream about cats fighting with each other

To dream of cats fighting with each other symbolizes battles with certain problems in your life, and how you deal with these problems is represented by how you treat the animals in your dreams.

Dream of cats meowing.

When a cat meows in a dream, you can stop hesitating and take action by using the information you’ve gained. Beware of sickness if the cat is grey and the sound is disagreeable. A white cat that meows denote prosperity, but if it’s black, it’s an omen of death.

To dream of cats purring

If you’re dreaming about a cat purring loudly, it means someone is giving you advice or a warning. If you’re dreaming of a small cat purring, it means someone is trying to lure you into a trap.

Dream about eating cat meat

It shows problems in marriage and children, as well as loss and change in one’s job. If you dream of cat meat, it could mean the girl you are dreaming about is pregnant and will cause her to be extremely worried and frightened.

To dream of a dead cat

To dream of a dead cat signifies something unpleasant or undesirable that you will have to deal with sooner or later. If your cat is dead when waking up, it may represent your old ways and the person who died, similar to the abovementioned situation.

To dream that a cat is near you foretells you will have sickness and annoyance from an enemy. If it snarls, you will have trouble with persons whom you have trusted.

To see many cats denotes quarrels in families and contentions among relatives. If a person sees this animal gathering around him without biting or injuring him, there will be abundant crops of grain and fruit in the season hovering around those months. The natives will be popular and prosperous during this period.

Dream of multiple cats

Dream of multiple cats

To dream of multiple cats represents different aspects of your life. To dream of a horridly huge cat denotes that some undertaking will be ill-advised, and there may be trouble.

To see cats acting friendly towards each other foretells you will hold pleasant social gatherings and have business dealings with accommodating people. If the cats are fighting each other viciously, there will be sad differences among your family or business friends, which will cause widespread ill-feeling.

The Bottom Line!

So, what can be concluded is that dreaming of a cat is not always a good sign. Cats are often associated with the devil. The color black often symbolizes death, fear, and wickedness. These associations with cats in dreams would suggest that they may predict an unfortunate turn of events or the appearance of evil.

In some cultures, cats are considered a symbol of female sexuality because the animal’s reproductive organs are located at the base of its tail.


What is the significance of dreaming about a cat?

The symbolism of a cat in a dream is not usually positive. Dreams about cats usually carry negative connotations. To dream of a black cat often suggests you’ve done something wrong, and when someone sees a dream cat or multiple cats, it’s an omen of misfortune.

What if I dream of eating cat meat?

Dreaming about eating cat meat can mean that the girl you’re dreaming about is pregnant and will be very upset with you for some reason.

What does it mean if a cat is in my dream?

The cat in your dream can represent a person, situation, or object. Each dreamer interprets their cat’s appearance individually. If you dream of a black and white cat, it can suggest you’re worried about an upcoming event. White cats are often associated with good luck and happiness, which could mean the opposite for someone.

What do cats symbolize in dreams?

To dream of a cat is to be wary of big changes soon in your life. Dreaming about a black cat can evoke negative emotions, especially if the cat is aggressive. However, the color white can symbolize positive change and new beginnings.

What does it mean when you dream of feeding a cat?

Eating cat food in a dream suggests that you want to be more open about your feelings and emotions with someone and would like to improve your relationship with them.

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