Dream About Snakes In Water: Meanings & Interpretations

Dream About Snakes In Water

Did you know that dreaming about snakes in water can mean different things? Some mean that a person has a sense of inferiority or self-esteem issues. Others may be an omen of doom and violence. And for others, it’s evidence that they have a healthy unconscious mind.

Dream of snakes in water can symbolize a sense of inferiority, particularly when the dreamer feels trapped. Water is the defense mechanism. It is the medium being used to protect oneself from outside threats. In this blog post, we will explore this dream interpretation in detail.

What Does Dream About Snakes In Water Symbolize?

What Does Dream About Snakes In Water Symbolize?

There are many different perspectives as to what these dreams mean. It’s important to remember that all dreams have meaning. Some of the most popular meanings associated with water snakes are discussed below!

1) Hidden Threats or Deception: 

When snakes are depicted as writhing in water, it could be a warning that the dreamer is being set up for danger. It indicates that there may be hidden threats or deception and that the dreamer should do a background check on their loved ones. 

In addition, the dream may indicate that the dreamer is being deceived or played. In other words, someone near them is being malicious with their intentions.

2) Inferiority:

Some people who dream about snakes in water often interpret this as a sign of inferiority. When someone feels like a subordinate, they may experience feelings of inadequacy and inferiority. This can lead to anxiety and depression.

3) Something to Say:

Snakes often symbolize evil. They are the most famous symbol of evil ever. Why would someone dream about them if they were not a bad thing? However, people who dream about water snakes can be interpreted as a warning against deception and lies. 

Snakes in these dreams are meant to prevent the dreamer from being deceived by others. It also protects the dreamer from falling prey to lies and manipulation.

4) You Are a Good Person:

People who see snakes crawling in water often dream they deserve love, care, and support. While this may not seem like a very favorable interpretation of a snake in a water dream, it can indicate that you are a good person who has the potential to do great things with your life.

If you are feeling uncertain about your life, this dream may be trying to tell you that things are not as bad as they seem.

5) Worthy of Great Things:

If you feel like water snakes are a sign that you aren’t good enough for great things, then know this is false! You deserve greatness. You are capable of achieving great things in life. 

This does not only apply to material possessions either. Dreams about snakes in water can also mean one is entitled to love and happiness.

Dreaming Of Water Snake Spiritual Meaning

Dreaming Of Water Snake Spiritual Meaning

While dreaming of water snakes can be a threat to the dreamer, dreaming of water snakes is also significant in spiritual terms. If you’re a person who practices dream yoga, you’ll find that water snake dreams are very helpful in your ability to master your dreams.

If you dreamt about a giant snake with multiple heads, this could foretell a significant spiritual transformation in your future. In spirituality, dreaming of water snakes can reflect that you now have a new spiritual awareness. 

If you’re an avid practitioner of dreamwork, then this dream might also mean that you will soon embark on a new journey to master your dreams.

Common Dreams About Snakes In Water & Their Interpretations

Common Dreams About Snakes In Water & Their Interpretations

1) Dream of snake in water:

When you dream of snakes in water, it does not mean your subconscious is urging you to join the circus. It just means that you are feeling stressed and anxious about something. The water can be seen as a defense mechanism or barrier in your subconscious mind. 

You are trying to block out things that are bothering you. Alternatively, this can be interpreted as a significant figure (such as a parent or teacher) trying to keep you from reaching specific goals or objectives.

2) Dreaming of snakes in water attacking:

To dream that you are attacked by a snake in the water means dissatisfaction with how things are. You feel threatened or anxious about your current situation. 

Moreover, dreaming about snakes in the water attacking you is a sign that you are being harassed or threatened by someone or something. In addition, your safety is not guaranteed.

3) Dreaming of water snakes:

This dream represents a sense of inferiority. It can also mean that a person feels trapped or is being controlled.

A water snake symbolizes an enemy. In the dream, the snakes represent people who are controlling or manipulative. The atmosphere is heavy and uneasy as if someone is trying to manipulate you into doing something against your will. 

The water snakes could also be a bad omen for taking a long journey coming back home from a long trip or even going far away.

4) Seeing green snake in water in dream:

When people dream of seeing green snakes in water, the opposite sex is attracted to them even though they believe no one is. They are unaware of their own natural charm and attraction.

The green snake in water dream meaning can also represent a sense of inferiority. The water symbolizes the dreamer’s defense mechanism to protect themselves from outside threats. 

The green snake represents someone close to them who is jealous of their success, although they pretend not to care.

5) Seeing Big Water Snake In Dream: 

If a person sees a big water snake in their dream, it can imply that they fear being hurt or betrayed by someone close to them. If the snake is not a giant, it means the same thing as seeing a rat in a dream.

A giant snake in a water dream meaning is that the dreamer should be careful when dealing with people. It is not good to let others take advantage of you. People who are not close to them may deceive or hurt them to get a chance to be close to them.

The big snake in the water symbolizes their self-esteem and needs to guard it from being destroyed. The snake represents a defense mechanism they developed to protect themselves from other people’s threats.

6) Seeing yellow snake in water in dream: 

Although this dream symbol can have many meanings, the prevalent meaning could be that a person dreams of looking at someone negatively. 

They may be staring at this person very critical or judgmental way. Because of this, yellow signifies the jealousy and envy people tend to feel when they are displeased by what others offer.

A yellow snake in a water dream meaning can also signify a person feeling trapped in a situation. This may be because of their inability to fix the situation or the need for complementary action to resolve it.

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7) Dream about snakes in water chasing you:

Being chased by snakes in water is often a nightmare, especially when the dreamer feels like they can’t run fast enough to escape. This experience symbolizes the feeling of being trapped and helpless. 

This dream can also mean that a person is experiencing fear, stress, and anxiety from previous situations or people. It may also represent inner conflict.

8) Dreaming of swimming with water snake:

Some people interpret a dream of swimming with a snake as a warning not to get too close or intimate with others. For others, it just means they have an inferiority complex about their appearance. Moreover, the snake may also symbolize their wild nature. 

Water is another defense mechanism. A trip down the river will allow them to release their emotions safely and securely.

9) Dream about water snakes in river:

The presence of snakes in water in rivers is a sign of your ability to recognize potential threats. In a dream, water represents an obstacle to protect you from becoming subject to the fear of the unknown.

The water snake represents the negative emotion keeping you from achieving your goals. Fear brings about uncertainty about your success and overall satisfaction with life. 

Your hidden emotions try to prevent you from moving forward by paralyzing your drive and ambition. The river represents the journey toward success and overall well-being in life.

10) Dream of black water snake:

When a person sees a black snake on the water in his dream, he likens it to water, which usually represents the unconscious mind. It shows that his conscious mind has been polluted from within.

This is symbolic that one’s unconscious fear and self-doubt are so vile they can invade the conscious mind. That can be distressing because there is no way to control these fears. And most people feel helpless when dealing with them as they cannot be eradicated through willpower alone.

11) Dream of white snakes in water:

Although snakes are associated with water, white snakes represent illness and death. This dream may be a warning about one’s health. In addition, white snakes may also be an indicator of the changes in dreams and how the unconscious mind is beginning to incorporate new concepts.

12) Dreaming about red snake in water:

Red snakes symbolize greed and jealousy. Dreaming about a red snake in the water may mean you are greedy or jealous of others. It might also mean you are excluded from conversations or interactions with your dear ones.

Such dreams may also mean you are not at peace with yourself and your current situation. You feel betrayed or threatened. You may even hide your feelings from family, friends, or co-workers.

13) Dreams about blue snake in water:

To see a blue snake in the water suggests that the dreamer lives in a world of fantasy and illusion. They are unable to separate reality from fiction. 

This will cause the dreamer’s life to be confused and uncertain. The dreamer needs to look at the world for what it is, not what they want it to be.

Snake In Water Dream Meaning In Islam

Snake In Water Dream Meaning In Islam

Muslims interpret this dream to mean that a person is in danger. It could also be an omen of doom and violence, especially when the water snake carries a poisonous fang. 

If you’re a woman, then this means that you are in danger. In Islamic symbolism, water snakes are considered to be possessed by some souls, and it’s believed that they can harm humans.

Snake In Water Dream Meaning In Hindu Astrology

Snake In Water Dream Meaning In Hindu Astrology

In Hindu astrology, the snake in the water dream means that you are suffering from an injury or illness. They also interpret a snake in water as a warning to protect yourself

Good luck will soon come to you if the snake is covered with scales or rings. If the snake has no scales or is without accessories, it could mean that you will soon become wealthy and learn new skills.

Summing Up!

As you can see, many interpretations regarding a dream of snakes in the water exist. It is impossible to describe every likely scenario and interpretation for each. However, this will help you understand a dream better by providing an understanding of the symbol. 

The water snake has many meanings and uses in the dream world. The most common meaning is protection, but a sense of inferiority or jealousy can apply depending on the circumstances or background of the person who dreams about them.

We hope you have enjoyed our selection of the most common interpretations of dreams about snakes in the water. 


1) What does a snake in the water mean?

A: This is one of the most common snake dream symbolism. Snakes in your dream can represent many things but are most commonly associated with your unconscious mind. There are different interpretations of this snakes in water symbolism; however, most think their self-esteem and power issues may be what the dreamer is experiencing.

2) Is it good luck to see snake in dream in water?

A: Dreaming about snakes and water is a good thing. This is because water snakes symbolize the unconscious mind. Since it represents our power to control our thoughts, no bad feelings come from seeing a snake in your dream.

3) What is the meaning of seeing water snake in dream in Hinduism?

A: For Hindus, seeing a water snake is a good sign as it is often associated with the future. It means prosperity and health. In modern society, seeing snakes in water in dreams can be a warning or symbol of violence.

4) Are snakes associated with water?

A: Yes, snakes do most often live near water. There is a widespread belief that snakes try to get near water because they know the wind will blow the venom away from their mouths, and they will lose the strength of their poison.


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