Dreaming About Poop Meanings & Interpretations

Dreaming About Poop

Have you ever woken up from a dream where you found yourself surrounded by piles of poop? Or perhaps you dreamt of yourself doing the unthinkable and actually enjoying the sight or even the taste of poop? As bizarre as it may seem, dreams involving poop are surprisingly common and can leave us feeling disturbed and confused upon waking. 

But fear not, for a wealth of knowledge can be gained from exploring the symbolism behind these strange and often unpleasant dreams. So, come along as we dive into the world of dreaming of pooping meaning and unravelling their mysteries and interpretations.

What Does It Mean When You Dream of Poop?

What Does It Mean When You Dream of Poop?

1) Letting go of something:

This is one of the most common and obvious interpretations of the poop dream. You often dream about poop when you need to release something, whether an emotion or a relationship. 

Poop can act as a stand-in for any personal issue weighing down on you, so if your dream deals with excrement, you can be certain that something in your real life needs to be taken care of.

2) Embarrassment:

If you are constantly embarrassed by your pooping dreams, you might try hiding some embarrassing behaviour or secret. If so, it usually means you are tired of holding on to your shame and ready to let go of it. 

Try letting go of the negative and shameful feelings you have kept in the closet. Try and be open with yourself about all your anxieties and repressions.

3) Fear of losing control:

When you find yourself dreaming about poop, you can usually be guaranteed that you are feeling insecure in your life. Losing control is one of people’s biggest fears, especially during sleep. 

This loss of control over your consciousness makes people feel as if they have no power over what’s happening to them. It can make you feel like you have lost control over your life.

4) Health concerns:

If your poop dream is foul-smelling or dark in color, then it can be an indicator of health problems that you are currently experiencing. For example, if you have been experiencing pain while going to the bathroom recently, you might have some disease. 

Dreaming of pooping meaning can also be an interpretation of your diet and lifestyle. If certain foods you have been eating do not mix well with your body chemistry, you will probably experience an upset stomach in the form of a foul-smelling dream.

5) You Should Take Responsibility:

If you are dreaming about poop and feel as if you are the one that produced it, then you need to take responsibility for your actions in waking life. If you recently did something that made a big mess, you must clean up and face the consequences. Make sure that everything is in order before disaster strikes.

6) You Need A Boost Of Confidence:

Dreaming of pooping meaning can also be an interpretation of your anxiety about not being able to get anything done. You should not fear your dreams if you find it difficult to accomplish your daily routine and tasks. 

When you can see the poop and understand that it is only being used as a vehicle for other messages, you can let it go and get on with your day.

Spiritual Meaning of Pooping In a Dream

Spiritual Meaning of Pooping In a Dream

Dreaming about pooping meaning can signify that you need to unblock your emotions. Stuffing them down makes them harder to process. Going to the bathroom in a dream represents releasing pent-up emotions and letting go of what’s bothering you. 

The more comfortable you feel talking about your feelings, the more complete this process will be. The spiritual meaning of dreaming of poop in a dream can also foreshadow that you will be making a major life change, such as moving to a new area or starting a new relationship. 

This can often result from some blockage or emotional turbulence in your life, which needs shifting and resolving before you can move forward. When most people have this dream, they don’t know what is upsetting them, so they keep trying to solve it by working through the problem that comes up in the dream.

Is Dreaming About Poop Good Luck?

Is Dreaming About Poop Good Luck?

Dreaming of poop in a dream is good luck if you are grossed out by it and it makes you feel nauseous. If you try to analyze the poop in your dream for some meaning and think about what each part means, this is not considered good luck. 

Dreaming of poop can be an omen that you are approaching something in your life that makes you uncomfortable or even fearful. It may mean that something in your life requires further contemplation. 

When poop appears in a dream, it can also be a sign that someone is watching over you and looking out for your welfare. It is always good to pay attention to your dreams. Try to think hard about what they mean and the message that they are sending you.

19 Common Dream Interpretation Poop With Their Meanings

19 Common Dream Interpretation Poop With Their Meanings

1) Dreaming of pooping in public: 

This is always a sign from the universe that you must take control of your life and make key changes.  You need to get down to the nitty-gritty of your situation and find solutions to finally feel at peace with yourself and all those around you. 

But be warned; this could also be a sign that you are having some spiritual awakening, which is what it’s supposed to signify. Dreaming of pooping in public meaning can be positive or negative depending on what else is happening in the dream. 

If everything else in the dream is positive, a positive change is coming into your life. 

If, however, the rest of the dream is unpleasant or you feel embarrassed about your poop dreams in public, you need to watch out for some real trouble that may be coming your way. Dreams about pooping in public usually warn you to change your ways and start respecting yourself more.

2) Dreams about poop everywhere:

It is a common dream that may not necessarily have any symbolic meaning. It’s a disturbing dream that most people who have had this dream reported it being very vivid and realistic. 

Feelings of disgust or shame may also accompany the dreams, so you may feel embarrassed upon waking up and try your best to avoid thinking about the event. 

A dream like this is often associated with fear of anxiety, which seems to be a common reason for people experiencing such dreams. Dream about pooping in public may also be a sign that you need to take better care of yourself, similar to the way you would take care of your poop.

3) To see human stool in dream:

Such dreams usually reflect your anger toward someone. If you are producing it, you feel disturbed because of other people’s actions. 

If you throw this dream into a toilet, you will deny these actions and take charge of your life and well-being. When doing such actions in the dream, your subconscious tells you you have the power and control over your life. This might not be true, but it can give you a sense of relief.

If you are consuming human stool in your dream, it suggests you feel guilty about some action against others. You tend to become paranoid about others and imagine things that may never happen. Taking things lightly when dealing with others is a warning, as they may harbour a grudge against you.

4) Seeing poop in dream:

This is a powerful dream symbol. Like most other poop-related dreams, it can mean that you or someone else is experiencing some emotional pain or turmoil in real life.

A vision of poop can be an omen of something bad happening to you or someone else. If you see poop bunches, this could mean that the presence of others makes you feel uneasy, restricted and uncomfortable. 

Dreaming of seeing others pooping could be another way of being reminded about your feces issues. Seeing poop in dream meaning can change if you dream of somebody else’s. If you see somebody else pooping, this can mean that you have to accept the existence of a problem and its consequences.

5) Dreams about poop in toilet:

People who dream of poop in a toilet are typically acting out their feelings of disgust and hatred. What is the source of our disgust? Well, in many cases, it is brought about by our own negative emotions. In other words, we experience negative feelings toward something because we don’t want to feel those same feelings toward ourselves.

A second source of our disgust arises from social conditioning. One example is that throwing up expresses regret, which many cultures still seem to adhere to. Dream, meaning poop in the toilet, can also relate to how we treat our bodies, for example, how we eat, exercise, or any other negative physical activity.

6) Dreaming of poop in Toilet in Public:

Your lack of self-control and your failure to be discreet. Or you’re embarrassed by what you’re doing in front of others. Dream meaning poop in toilet in public, can also symbolize a fear of public humiliation. It could also symbolize an occasion where you had too much alcohol, and the effect led to public humiliation.

7) Dreaming of shits:

 If you dream of dropping a load in your pants, it could be a sign that you must perform self-analysis and face your mistakes. You should also try to clean up your act by changing how you view yourself and the world around you. 

Alternatively, dropping a small load in someone else’s pants may indicate that that person has made an impression on you. Dreaming of shits could signify that you are experiencing life’s hardships.

This could mean you have no choice but to face a dark and unpleasant truth or that something needs to be resolved deep down inside you.

8) Dreams of Touching feces:

The interpretation of this dream will vary greatly, depending on the context in which the feces are being handled; for example, if you dream of cleaning up your feces, this may symbolize your motivation to improve your life and clean up the mess you have made in previous relationships. 

Touching feces in dream meaning may also symbolize your desire to connect with the earth, people and other living things that you may feel disconnected from in waking life.

Also, this type of dream may represent your tendency to put off making a change or taking action. These dreams are often repetitive and are usually warnings to take action before it is too late.

9) Dreams about pooping in front of others:

The most common poop dream scenario is pooping in public. If you are shy about going to the bathroom in public, you may be somewhat self-conscious and uneasy about who is watching you as you go to the bathroom. Or, you may need to share some new or important information with others. 

Public pooping is a common symbol of release and cleansing. It can also represent the release of emotions and the letting go of old feelings, especially if you have been wearing a mask or other disguise in your dream.

10) Seeing someone else poop in dream:

If you dream of seeing someone else poop and it is not a family member or a close friend, this may indicate disapproval over the other person’s lifestyle. It could also represent your unconscious desire to be more accepting and tolerant in your approach to others. 

Moreover, if you are a female and the other person you dream of is another female, this could be a psychic or energetic warning sign that something of unknown nature is present in the relationship.

11) Dreaming of poop on the floor:

Dreaming of a pile of poop on the floor might indicate feeling stressed, anxious or worried. You may feel overwhelmed and feel like it is too much to handle. 

If you find yourself stepping in poop on your way to the bathroom, this might represent a fear of making a mistake or doing something wrong.

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12) Dream of Cleaning poop:

The person might be being overly self-critical. They are trying to improve themselves and their surroundings but taking it to an extreme. Dream of someone else cleaning up your poop: Someone else is handling a problem in your life. The problem will soon be resolved. 

Dreaming of cleaning poop after making a fresh deposit in the toilet means you will have good fortune and enjoy prosperity shortly. Cleaning poop dream meaning makes you think of your sexual activities and how new projects will prosper your life.

13) Dream of Dog Poop:

Dogs are loyal, faithful and protective animals, so they are often considered the perfect representation of our guardians. So when you dream of dog poop, this is your subconscious way of informing yourself that your guardian or some other entity is watching you at the time. 

Moreover, dog poop in a dream is also thought to represent either your instincts or your intuition. So, if you dream of seeing dog poop, this could be a sign to trust and rely on your instincts to make the right decisions in some waking situations.

14) Dream of Toilet Overflowing with Poop:

This is one of the more common dreams and probably the most well-known. The dream represents a fear of overflowing toilets, implying that you will never master your bowel movements or find peace of mind. But what exactly is it that we are trying to hide? Our mistakes make us feel stressed or worried about our safety in some way, either as a child or adults. 

So, we begin to clean up our acts and perform good deeds to mend our disturbed relationships and habits while simultaneously giving ourselves a little pep talk in the form of bizarre dream imagery. Well, if nothing else, the poop dream should at least give you a laugh!

15) Dreams about Popping On Your Clothes:

If you dream that your clothes are popping off all by themselves, it can mean that you are suddenly feeling extremely insecure about yourself. Either you feel nobody appreciates you or thinks much of your latest achievements. 

Or you may be thinking of some past wrongdoing and getting the sense of guilt that goes with it. Seeing yourself pop your clothes off in public can indicate a fear of being discovered as phony and self-centred.

16) Dreams of Bird Poop:

Bird poop dreams are a sign that you need to start paying more attention to the warning signs of your life. These signs can be literal (such as birds flying overhead or even landing on you) or symbolic (your boss is a bird). 

Either way, the message is this: your subconscious is trying to forewarn you of something’s presence in your life that should not be there. If you fail to take heed, you could find yourself in a world of trouble.

17) Dreaming of Popping In Bed:

Dreaming of popping or bursting into a room is often interpreted as the unconscious desire to escape an unwanted situation. Or, it can signify that you are ready to ‘pop’ back on track with something you previously avoided. 

It can also be a sign that you are in your element and ready to embark on an exciting venture, or else there is little more to learn about the discussed topic. When you dream of popping into bed, you either indicate that you want to be more active in a particular situation or a hidden message about your fears.

18) Dream About Baby Poop:

Baby Poop symbolizes innocence, simplicity, immaturity and the future. Dreaming about poop that was kid poop means that you feel unappreciated and rejected by a loved one or someone close to you. 

It could indicate that you have lost an important relationship and a sign that you need to take on more responsibility for your own life.

19) Dreams of Stepping On Poop:

When you dream of stepping on poop, it means that there is a humiliating situation in your waking life that you’re already aware of but want to ignore. 

If you enjoy stepping on poop in these dreams, it signifies your resentment and anger toward someone who has let you down. In addition, if the poop in your dream is rotting and smelly, it means that something is rotten or stale in your current situation.

Dreams About Pooping Meaning In Hindu

Dreams About Pooping Meaning In Hindu

The Hindu religion and mythology hold several superstitions about the poop dream. While there is no exact explanation about the meaning behind this dream, it is believed that the poop in your dream can foretell changes in your life. 

The meaning of pooping in a dream may also depend on the color or shape of the poop. For instance, if you see feces with white patches or stripes, then it means that you need to clean up your act and change your lifestyle.

Summing Up!

In conclusion, while dreaming about poop may initially seem unpleasant or even embarrassing, the meanings and interpretations behind these dreams can offer valuable insights into our subconscious minds and emotional states. 

Whether we are processing feelings of guilt, shame, or the need for release and cleansing, our dreams about poop can provide clues about the deeper issues we may grapple with in our waking lives. 

We can better understand ourselves and our innermost thoughts and feelings by paying attention to these dreams and exploring their possible meanings. So the next time you dream about poop, don’t be afraid to take a closer look and see what your subconscious mind may be trying to tell you.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) What does it mean to dream about poop?

A: This is a very common dream and a dream in which you find yourself surrounded by piles of poop. Typically it involves the act of defecation but can involve other bodily functions as well. The act can also symbolize your personal life or even your relationships with others.

2) What does it mean when you dream about poop in the toilet?

A: The act of defecation can very often cause anxiety, so when you dream about pooping in the toilet, this is indicative of your personal life or relationships. Unresolved issues regarding your professional life or relationships with others may also be present.

3) What does it mean when you dream about using the toilet in front of others?

A: If a dream of you using the toilet in front of others, this may indicate your sexual life. Of course, thoughts of sexual pleasure are not uncommon and can be found in all sorts of dreams and many other places in our lives.

4) What does it mean when you dream about pooping in a dirty toilet?

A: The act of defecating in a dirty toilet is often symbolic of your personal life, as well as your relationship with others. The toilet itself can also be representative of different aspects of your life and how you feel about them.

5) Does dreaming of poop mean money?

A: No. Although dreams of poop can often symbolize financial issues, which are often caused by poor communication in your professional life and relationships.


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