Dreams About Flies: What Does It Mean?

Dreams About Flies

Flies are not only one of the most common and best-loved insects; they’re also an oft-used metaphor for people who are restless and irritated. And when someone dreams about flying with or without wings, it can be hard to know what the dream might signify. 

To offer insight into what could be going on in your subconscious mind, we’ve compiled this list of meanings for dreams involving flies to help you determine how much influence these little critters have on your psyche.

Dreaming of flies can signify that you’ve been restless lately or worried about getting into a sticky situation. It could also mean that there’s something that’s beginning to annoy you in some way. 

A dream about swatting flies can show that you’re frustrated with people around you, who may be causing problems or even just pestering you all the time. 

What Does It Mean When You Dream About Flies?

What Does It Mean When You Dream About Flies?

If you dream of flies buzzing around, it could suggest that you’re feeling like something is driving you crazy or keeping you up at night. Flies can also symbolize annoying people, annoying situations, or anything else that feels irritable to you. 

The buzzing sound of flies is also associated with sounds heard in the unconscious mind and is said to represent thoughts and communications. Therefore, if a fly is buzzing around in your dream, it might mean that there’s something on your mind and that you should pay heed to the thoughts it represents.

1) Upcoming Trouble:

When you dream of flies buzzing around or swarming your head, it could be a sign that there will be some difficulty soon. Perhaps something is about to happen that will cause you a lot of trouble. In addition, flies in a dream could be a sign of bad luck.

2) Annoying People:

In your dream, you find you’re driving yourself crazy, swatting a fly on your nose or elsewhere. If this happens, it could mean that someone around you is giving you trouble and that they’ve been driving you up the wall lately. Consider deciding whether the problem lies within yourself or with others before taking action to address the issue.

If you dream of swatting at flies, it could mean that there is someone around who has been annoying or pestering you. Perhaps this person is not being as nice as they should be or is too demanding. 

What’s more, if you find yourself swatting at the flies in your dream, but no matter how hard you try to kill them, they keep coming back, it might mean that this person will continue to be a nuisance no matter what you do.

3) You Have Bad Luck:

If you dream of a fly landing on your skin and you feel irritated, it could mean you’re experiencing bad luck. In addition, flies can be a sign of an upcoming financial loss. If you dream of swats at flies and your chance suddenly changes for the better, it might mean you will soon have a streak of good fortune.

4) You Are Annoying Others:

If your dream involves swatting flies and ultimately chasing them away after trying vain to get rid of them, it might mean you’ve been annoying or pestering someone lately. Moreover, you may have been acting too demanding of others or being too critical of their efforts, making them angry or upset with you. 

What’s more is that if the person you’re being annoying is someone close to you in your waking life, this could be a sign that there is something they don’t want to tell you about.

5) Anxiety:

Dreaming of swats at flies can mean feeling anxious or overwhelmed. It’s possible that you’re feeling so preoccupied with the issue that you can’t stop thinking about it for some reason or that you’re having some crazy dream and are just going over events in your head and losing sleep.

Spiritual Meaning Of Seeing Flies In a Dream

Spiritual Meaning Of Seeing Flies In a Dream

If you dream about flies, it could be a sign that you’re worried about something or have negative thoughts about something else. There may be someone in your life who has made you feel uneasy with their behavior/attitude. 

A dream about flies could also signify a creative side trying to manifest itself through imagery and symbolism. If you’ve had the same dream more than once, then this spiritual meaning for flies will only be strengthened by the number of times it has recurred.

In spirituality, interpreting a dream about flies can have several meanings. It can mean you’re feeling nervous or irritated about something and need to figure out what’s causing it. On the other hand, it could also signify that something is bothering you in your waking life, no matter how hard you try to push it out of your mind.

General Dreams About Flies & Their Interpretations

General Dreams About Flies & Their Interpretations

1) Seeing flies in dream:

When literal flies accompany your fly dreams, you may feel restless or anxious. If flies are swarming around you or trying to fly into your mouth or nose, this could signify that you’re uncomfortable with a situation and want it to end. In one case, a dream about swarming flies was interpreted as mean-spirited people coming up with problems for you to deal with.

2) Dream of swarm of flies:

To dream of a swarm of flies represents things you are worried about or unhappy with. It also means the uninvited attention of others. In addition, a dream about flies in an enclosed space can indicate that someone else is placing you under strain.

A swarm of flies’ dream meaning can also be interpreted as stress. Flies can represent uninvited attention from others or the fact that you are unhappy or worried about something. It could also mean you’re just annoyed by the people around you.

3) Dreams of flies in the house:

If you dream a swarm of flies are in your house, then your dwelling has been invaded by the unwelcome attention of others. This could also signify that you have been the victim of someone else’s meanness and feel stressed or afraid. 

A dream about flies in a building shows that you have received bad news, which could be from people who cause problems or intrude on your personal space.

4) Dreams of flies attacking you:

Being attacked by flies in a dream is connected to your fears and worries about what other people are doing or what they are saying. In particular, if you dream of being attacked by flies while trying to sleep, this denotes some form of stress preventing you from getting restful sleep.

5) Dreams of flies attacking me:

When you dream of being attacked by flies on your body, it might show that you are being bugged or pestered by someone. It could also represent your frustration with the type of people causing problems and possibly the place where they live or work.

6) Dream of flies on food:

Seeing flies on a meal you have prepared in your dream can be interpreted as the uninvited attention of those around you or someone else causing problems. Or this could show that the people you associate with bring dishonesty or problems into your life.

In addition, an image of flies on your food could also show that you’re being pestered by the type of people causing problems for you.

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7) Dreams about flies coming out of skin:

Dreaming of your skin crawling because something about it is alive and moving can sometimes be unpleasant. One example of this involved a man who dreamed he was covered in black flies crawling all over his skin. 

In waking life, the man was subjected to verbal abuse from co-workers and family members who were angry at him for speaking his mind.

The experience became so emotionally painful that the man began to have difficulty sleeping well, which resulted in this type of dream.

8) Dreaming of black flies:

A black fly is the kind of fly that you might expect to find in a house, as it is quite common. But in this context, a black fly could also represent someone irritating you or perhaps even being mean to you. 

In addition, a dream about a black fly swarming around you could show that you feel overwhelmed by the type of people causing problems for you.

9) Dream of flies in bed:

A dream about flies in your bed could show that you are being disturbed by someone or having problems sleeping. Or it is a sign that the person you are angry with has gotten to you again or is making things difficult. This also indicates that something about the atmosphere around you is bothering you.

10) Dream of flies on the wall:

If you see a fly hanging from the ceiling or wall in a dream, someone around you has been watching you. It could also denote your concerns about what others are doing or are saying.

In particular, if the fly is living on the wall next to where you are sleeping, this could mean that someone is bugging you at night and preventing you from rest. It can also represent your anxiety over something happening at work or in your family.

11) Dreaming of flying around a room:

To dream that you are flying around a room could foreshadow problems at work or in your personal life. If the fly is sitting on the wall and you can’t see it, it can be interpreted as uninvited attention from someone or something around you.

Such dreams may also indicate that you are being bothered by someone or pestered by a family member. In this case, it could also show your desire for sleep.

Biblical Meaning Of Flies In a Dream

Biblical Meaning Of Flies In a Dream

In the Bible, flies are often a metaphor for the end of times. In Matthew 24:28-31 (King James Version), Jesus says: “For wheresoever the carcass is, there will the eagles be gathered together. Even so, where the feet of the martyred Jesus are, there is the eagles’ nest.” 

Dreaming of flies can also mean that you might be experiencing a sense of spiritual anxiety. You might feel as if you’ll never be able to get rid of whatever makes you feel this way. Nothing will seem to stop it, no matter how hard or how many times you try to fight back.

Dreaming of Flies Islamic Meaning

Dreaming of Flies Islamic Meaning

In Islam, dreaming of flies can also signify that you’re looking for more fun or want to try something new. You could also be trying to escape from a problem or difficulty that you’re having in your waking life. Trying to get away from whatever it is will only make it worse. 

If the flies are coming after you, then this would mean that something is making you feel unwanted or unwanted by others.

Summing Up!

As you can see, there are several ways in which your dreaming mind represents flies. If you dream of flies, take note of how they appear. Are they swarming around you? Are they on your bedroom wall? Are they flying around a room? Or are they just in your house or doing anything else?

The next step is to determine why the flies appear in your dreams. In particular, if you dream of flies swarming around you, this could mean that someone is causing problems for you and that something happening in your environment is bothering you. 

We hope this dream meaning helps you better understand what your dreaming mind is trying to tell you.


1) What is the spiritual meaning of flies in a dream?

A: Flies in dreams represent failure, dissatisfaction, and many worries. If you see a fly in your dream, you are carrying the burden of many concerns. 

2) Are flies good luck?

A: Dreams about flies are sometimes connected with good luck and blessings.

3) Why do flies fly around me?

A: Flies in dreams may signify that people are constantly bugging you. 

4) What happens when a fly lands on you?

A: A dream in which a fly lands on you can usually be taken to mean you will get into trouble.