Dreams of Dogs Chasing You: Spiritual Meanings & Interpretations

Dreams of Dogs Chasing You

Did you know that dogs in dreams can symbolize a variety of things? In this post, you’ll learn about the spiritual meanings and interpretations of seeing dogs chase you.

For many people, seeing dogs chasing them is a nightmare. For others, it’s a dream come true. So how are dreams about chasing dogs interpreted? Let’s discuss.

What Does It Mean To Dream of Dogs Chasing You?

What Does It Mean To Dream of Dogs Chasing You?

The dream of seeing dogs chasing you can mean several different things, ranging from pleasant experiences, such as being chased by men in suits (a favorable interpretation for this type of dream), to unpleasant experiences.

In the most common interpretation, the dreamer sees her being chased by someone or something. In this case, the chase in the dream represents a spiritual chase.

1) Unresolved Conflicts:

Dreams of dogs chasing you can represent unresolved conflicts on your subconscious level. These unresolved conflicts can either be personal/interpersonal or impersonal/spiritual.

Personal conflicts are often about self-image, self-worth, and your purpose in the world. They are conflicts between how you see yourself (how others see you) and how others see you (a phenomenon called the “inferiority complex”). Your ego functions as a defense system that keeps you from admitting to yourself that there is a problem.

2) Companionship & Love:

When dogs chase you, it can represent companionship and love. In this dream, a woman walks down the street and sees a lonely-looking little boy approaching her. He begins to walk with her. She asks him where his mother is, and he says she is in an emergency room being treated for a broken leg. He walks her to the hospital.

Additionally, spiritual dogs chasing you can represent a guardian of the spirit who carries you through life (and sometimes until your dying moment).

3) Work:

Dreams of seeing dogs chasing you can represent work and a job. If they are chasing you at work, it’s symbolic of an emotional conflict hindering progress or progress in general.

If they are chasing you at the office, it can symbolize conflicts between coworkers. Or it could be a spiritual conflict that exists between people at work.

4) Instinctual Urges:

If you dream of seeing a dog chasing you, then it can represent your instincts. You could have ignored them, especially if they are a negative influence.

Dreams about seeing dogs chasing you can also symbolize your unconscious urges. For example, if you dream of a dog chasing you on a tennis court, it might represent an urge to win.

5) The Pursuit of Goals:

In dreams about dogs chasing you, it can be symbolic of the pursuit of goals. 

For example, if you dream about seeing a dog chasing you on a tennis court, then it’s possible that your goal is to play tennis. Additionally, if you dream about seeing a dog chasing you on a beach, then the plan could be to go swimming.

The most common interpretation of seeing dogs chasing you is that your subconscious mind wants you to work on your self-image and self-worth issues. Your ego functions as a defense system that keeps you from admitting to yourself that there is a problem. Once you acknowledge a problem, it will help resolve the conflict and achieve personal fulfillment.

Spiritual Meaning of Dogs Chasing You In A Dream

Spiritual Meaning of Dogs Chasing You In A Dream

As you know, dogs are symbols of loyalty and love. So these are good qualities to hold onto, no matter what. When a dog appears in a dream chasing you, it might represent something in your life that you need to escape from. The dream could remind you that something out there needs to be let go of.

That can mean a painful event, obsession, or addiction you’re trying to eliminate. Or it could mean an angry person who is causing problems for you.

In spirituality, a dog is an animal that represents the lower self, the inner animal. So when you have a dream about being chased by dogs, it could mean that your animal part is controlling you.

And seeing a dog chasing you could mean that something in your life needs protection or defense. It also means you must stand up for yourself and not let someone dictate your terms.

General Dreams About Dogs Chasing You & Their Meanings

General Dreams Abou Dogs Chasing You & Their Meanings

1) Being chased by a dog:

When you dream of being chased by a dog, it could mean that you have dog-like qualities. Perhaps you’re not being as true to yourself as you could be. You might also feel like someone is chasing you, either physically or otherwise. 

You might be trying to escape from a past situation or experience and keep it from affecting your future. Or, if you’re dreaming about dogs chasing others, it means they are acting like dogs. They can’t be trusted, and they’ve lost their integrity. 

2) Black dog chasing me in dream:

This dream of a black dog chasing you is a warning. The black dog is a symbol of bad luck and trouble. If the black dog catches up to you in your dream, then expect some significant misfortune to occur in your life soon.

Moreover, if the black dog ends up sitting on your shoulder in your dream, it’s not a warning but a sign that you’re an unconditional leader and be in charge of someone.

3) Brown dog chasing me in dream:

A dream about a brown dog chasing you may be a warning of some danger ahead. For example, seeing a brown dog chasing you in your dream can indicate someone is trying to communicate with you. 

Such dreams are shared. Alternatively, if the brown dog is chasing you in your dream, it can indicate that you’re trying to tell someone something important.

4) Being chased by multiple dogs in dream: 

If multiple dogs chase you in a dream, it can be seen as people following your path or actions. It represents that you always attract attention and that people will accept you.

Seeing dogs chasing us means fearing losing out to others and disappointing those we care about. Multiple dogs in a dream meaning are positive in instances where it is talking about people who are around us and help us a lot. In other cases, seeing a dog chasing you means there is something stronger than you, and the dreamer will have to face it.

5) Dream of pitbull chasing me:

If you dream about a pit bull in your backyard, you are in trouble or crisis, and he chases you. You may take a different direction in your life and change something. 

To dream that a pitbull chases you through an abandoned church means that you must search your soul for peace. It is likely something in your life is causing you to fear.

To dream of being chased by a pitbull means that you may be feeling uneasy about your current situation. There is something in your life that is causing you concern and worry. To dream that pit bulls pursue and bite you means that someone has made false accusations against you which could lead to legal problems shortly.

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6) Running from dogs in dreams:

Dreams of being hunted by dogs are often connected with running away from a problem. The dreamer may be escaping an old situation or a new position. 

The dream may signify the dreamer’s need to move forward while also symbolizing the need to grow up and face things currently facing the dreamer.

If you have dreams about being chased by dogs, these dreams may symbolize your fear of change. If you are running away from the past, this could represent the need to move on with your life and continue living; if you’re running away from a new situation, it may be suggested that you need to grow up and face things that are facing you in your current case.

7) Dream of dogs running around:

This dream is good. For example, it may symbolize that your job is hectic and you are stressed out. Therefore, you need to slow down and relax a bit. 

Such symbolism means you’re too busy, so relax and be more introverted. In addition, chasing dogs in your dreams can represent a difficult time at work that you are working hard to resolve.

8) Dream of being chased by white dog:

A dream about being chased by white dogs is very common. Most often, they represent religious truths, spiritual answers, or religious teachers, especially if it is a dream in which you’re running for your life with the white dog in hot pursuit. Such dreams are often linked with spiritual matters in waking life, like religious beliefs or spiritual teachers or mentors.

The white dog represents wisdom and a guardian angel of the soul. The white dog is an angelic animal. When dogs chase you in your dream, it indicates that you are running for your life from something dangerous, which may be religious and spiritual teachings. You may be running for your sins or cultural beliefs.

9) Dream about being chased by an angry dog:

To dream about being chased by an angry dog suggests that you are feeling pressured in some aspect of your life. You may feel forced to do something or experience something you dislike. 

The dog in your dream represents the pressure or force while you are being chased, suggesting that you feel you have no control over the situation and that events are unfolding without your involvement.

Biblical Meaning of Dog Chasing You In A Dream

Biblical Meaning of Dog Chasing You In A Dream

The gospel of John tells the story of Jesus healing a man who had an issue with his dog. And when Jesus found out that the man’s only son had been lost, he ordered the man to tell his son that Jesus loved him.

The following day, the man was reunited with his son – and the son brought along a demon! When Jesus asked him what had happened to the devil, he told him that he had left because “the boy with whom I used to play no longer speaks to me. In Bible, dogs represent something that sets us free, whether an evil spirit or an addiction.

So when you see a dog chasing you in your dream, your mind is hunting for answers and freedom from a situation. And Jesus’ reaction to the man’s story about his son relates to dreams about dogs chasing you.

According to the Bible, Jesus didn’t tell him what to do with this information; he just acknowledged his experience and told him what happened was okay.

Dog Chasing Me In Dream Hinduism Meaning

Dog Chasing Me In Dream Hinduism Meaning

The Hindus believe that dogs represent the lower self. Therefore, when a dog chases you in your dream, it could symbolize that you’re trying to find answers from your inner animal or soul.

This would make sense if you were dreaming about seeing a dog chasing you in one of the other meanings above – such as if a friend told you they saw a friend’s dog chasing them in a dream.

In Hindu culture, dogs symbolize the lower self you rely on to survive. They’re also associated with ignorance because of their limited intelligence.

This is why seeing a dog chasing you in your dream symbolizes that you must be more aware of yourself to protect yourself from harm. 

Final Thoughts!

As you can see, dogs in dreams can be a powerful means of interpreting the meaning and significance of your dreams. They are typically symbolic representations of our feelings, emotions, and subconscious minds.

We hope this analysis of dogs in dreams is helpful to you. Do you have any questions about the meaning of this dream analysis? Please leave a comment below. 


1) Seeing dog in dream is good or bad?

A: It is neither. Its interpretation depends on the situation, how you react to the dog, and what it does to you.

2) What does it mean when dogs chase you in a dream?

A: The chase is just a metaphor for taking action in your life or avoiding a situation you are uncomfortable with. You are running from something that you feel will be harmful to you.

3) What does it mean when you dream of a black dog chasing you?

A: If you dream of running from something that scares you, the black dog symbolizes fears, the dark side of yourself, or going against your beliefs.

4) What happens if a black dog chases and bites you in a dream?

A: There’s a significant meaning to the black dog. Its appearance means you are denying or trying to avoid something evident and essential.


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