What Does It Mean To See Hair In Dreams? (Spiritual Meanings & Dream Interpretations)

Hair In Dreams

Have you ever seen hair in your dreams? What might this mean? As a professional dream interpreter, I’ve had the opportunity to study hair in dreams. Many different interpretations can be given to seeing hair in a dream. Some interpretations are playful and whimsical, while others are serious and thought-provoking.

Surprisingly, there is a common thread that ties together all of the interpretations of seeing hair in dreams. It doesn’t matter if the hair you see in your dreams is long, short, curly, or straight; seeing hair in a dream means you need to protect yourself. 

How you protect yourself will depend on what your dream reveals about your feelings and what’s happening in your life. In this blog post, I will share the most common interpretations of seeing hair in dreams and other interesting takes on the hair dream theme.

What Does It Mean When You Dream About Hair?

What Does It Mean When You Dream About Hair?

Seeing hair in a dream can help you make positive changes. It can also warn you about critical situations to pay closer attention to. For example, some dreaming experts believe that seeing long hair in a dream indicates that your intuition is trying to tell you something. 

On the other hand, seeing short, cut hair in a dream may mean that someone or something is getting ready to leave your life. How the hair looks and style can influence the interpretation of this kind of dream.

1) Self-Expression and Identity:

According to dream experts, when a woman dreams of long, flowing hair, she’s expressing her desire to be more self-expressive and free. On the other hand, if a man dreams of long hair growing from his head, he may have an unconscious desire to get in touch with his feminine side. 

If you’re a woman dreaming about short, cut hair, this may indicate that you’re ready for change. You might be cutting ties with people or things keeping you stuck in the past or unhappy in your life.

2) Confidence and Self-Esteem:

When women dream about long hair in a flowing state, they may feel insecure and unsure about their future. They may feel overwhelmed or helpless. Likewise, men who dream about long hair may feel anxious, defensive, or trapped. In addition, if a man dreams of short hair, he may feel like he doesn’t have confidence in his abilities and lacks self-esteem.

3) Feeling Invisible:

It’s not uncommon for women to dream about seeing their hair become visible in a dream. This can be interpreted as a subconscious message that there is something you need to focus on or come to terms with at this time in your life. It might be something you’ve been ignoring from within or something you need to face up to.

4) Transformation and Change:

In the dream world, there are no limits and no rules. If a woman dreams about seeing her hair become longer or longer over time, this may signify that she needs to let go of her fears, insecurities, or inhibitions. 

Likewise, if men dream about seeing their hair grow back after it’s been cut or even after it gets cut again, this could reveal that they need to transform to better themselves.

5) Grieving:

Hair shedding can symbolize sadness or mourning. If you have ever experienced the death of a friend or family member, you may have dreamt about your hair falling out. In the dream world, hair can be representative of life. 

If you see your hair in a dream and it is falling out or suddenly missing, this could indicate that someone close to you may be passing away or experiencing some drastic change in their lives.

6) Being Manipulated:

In dreams, seeing someone else’s hair can indicate that something or someone is trying to control your life or decisions. The dream might be warning you about someone who is trying to manipulate you in some way. Pay attention to how the hair looks and what it means to you. Moreover, pay attention to any other factors in the dream.

Spiritual Meaning Of Hair In Dreams

Spiritual Meaning Of Hair In Dreams

Seeing long hair in a dream depicts your spiritual connection with Mother Nature, the Goddess, and the feminine divine. The dream of having long black hair spiritual meaning can be mighty. 

Our dreams remind us of the importance of establishing a connection to the divine feminine and mother nature at an unconscious level. This is important because by doing so, we can tap into our most profound source of power and healing, which is the universal energy of the universe.

It’s said that when your head is covered with hair in a dream, it’s telling you that you or someone else will be experiencing some spiritual awakening before the end of your dream.

General Dreams About Hair & Their Interpretations

General Dreams About Hair & Their Interpretations

1) Seeing long black hair in dream:

Seeing long black hair in your dreams shows you are overwhelmed with responsibilities and may be depressed. You could feel like there are too many tasks to accomplish in the time frame you’re trying to do them. The stress of feeling like you have too much work and not enough time can cause depression.

To cope with feelings of being overwhelmed, seek help from a friend or family member who can assist you in getting things under control.  Keeping a good attitude will eventually get rid of your depression.

2) Dream of short hair:

Some people get their hair cut in their dreams. There could be many reasons for this. You may be getting a new look and want to try a new haircut before you make the chop in your life.

The meaning of this dream can also be about cutting something else in your life off so that you can move forward with how you want to live. It may be time to cut off an old friend, relationship, job, or some other situation from your life that holds you back from achieving your goals. Short hair dreams meaning can also mean that your waking life will be simpler and more manageable.

3) Dreams about hair growth:

What does it mean to dream of hair growth? To dream of hair growth indicates that you have a bright future. Your current situation is only temporary, and things will be looking up soon.

If you dream of slow hair growth, this suggests your current situation is difficult to change. You might feel stuck in a negative cycle, but it’s not impossible to break free from this pattern by making simple adjustments or learning something new.

To dream of hair loss suggests your situation is changing for the worst. At the present moment, you feel like you’re in a fix, and there’s no escaping this situation. You can take solace that your good fortune will come around again.

4) Dreaming of hair falling out:

A dream about hair falling out means you must pay more attention to what you do or think in your daily life. If you’re having problems putting on weight or think that others judge you harshly, it’s time to admit your faults and take action. With self-expression comes the ability to change and improve your condition in life.

Such dreams may also reflect a lack of protection for your thoughts and emotions. Are you letting others see your real feelings? Is it safe to do so in the social circles in which you travel? This dream may warn you to heed any advice or criticism and consider it objectively.

5) Dreaming of someone doing my hair:

This is a playful interpretation of seeing hair in a dream. Dreams about seeing someone else’s hair are often interpreted symbolically as your mind being invaded or controlled. This type of dream can be quite awakening and might even have you realizing that someone has invaded your mind.

The dreams of seeing someone else’s hair can also indicate that the person you see in your dream is trying to invade your mind. If this happens, you’re being influenced by someone else, which could bring you down or detract from your inner strength.

In my own experience, I’ve realized that my nightmares have been caused by a friend coming over and beating me up while I was sleeping. In this case, the dreams of seeing someone do my hair mean that I need to protect myself from someone else’s influence.

6) Dream about white hair:

In this case, the white hair on your head represents something about to change. Something new begins, and you can start seeing it unfold in real life.

You may get a new job, enter a relationship, or move to a new location. This dream tells you that while these changes occur, you must make sacrifices and learn how to adapt. 

The key here is flexibility. You must be flexible with whatever comes into your life, or it won’t work out. White hair in dream meaning can mean you are losing your ability to be flexible.

The interpretation of this dream takes a slightly different turn if the white hair coming out of your head is from someone else’s. In this case, you are not the one who will make changes in your life because someone else will cause these changes. Depending on who it is, these changes can be good or bad.

7) Dreams of losing hair:

It’s terrible news when you lose your hair, and it’s time to change something in your life. It’s usually a sign that you are unhappy with the situation and need to change for the better (source). 

You may be cutting your hair off to send a symbol of protest; you may also be cutting off an old relationship. Such dreams should cause you to reassess your situation and take course correction seriously. You may also become conscious of your hair and beauty and their importance.

8) Dream of hair growing long:

If you dream of your hair growing long, you are gaining confidence and learning essential life lessons. Moreover, you may be in a relationship that is deep and full of love.

Growing hair means understanding your true self, who you are, and your life. Sometimes, it might mean you must leave the past behind and begin a new chapter full of love.

Dreaming about hair growing long can also mean you have yet to learn something important. The dream might be urging you to change to become a better person.

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9) Dream of long black hair:

Seeing long black hair in your dream means you’re manipulative or deceptive. If you are a woman and the person with the long black hair is a man, he’s a cheater, and his lies will get him into big trouble. 

If you are a man and the person with the long black hair is a woman, she’s cheating on you. To dream that you’re being manipulated or deceived by someone can be seen as a wake-up call to stop doing things this person is trying to get you to do.

The dreamer is being deceived by someone who wants them to do something not in their best interest.

10) Dream of my hair growing back:

If you dream of your hair growing back after it has been cut or shaved, there’s a good chance that, in waking life, someone close to you is about to get cut out of your life. It’s always painful when this happens but doesn’t fret too much because the severed relationship will also increase if the hair grows back. 

In addition, you might feel guilty about forgetting your old friend, and it’s time to make amends. Such situations can be challenging, so it’s important to remember the good times.

11) Dream of doing someone’s hair:

A dream about doing someone’s hair can mean you will be responsible for their health and well-being.

It also means that you are in a supportive role in someone’s life. If the hair you are doing belongs to a family member or friend, the dream might reflect some inner guilt about not having been a good enough friend or family member. In this case, you need to work on the relationship between yourself and the other person.

12) Dream about getting hair done:

Seeing a hairdresser or getting your hair done in a dream means you are ready to tackle the problems of changing your life. You’re willing to change positively and take on new challenges and experiences. 

Such changes can be exciting but can also scare us if we need to be sure they are the right decisions. A new haircut for a woman can mean she’s ready to change her life but is still determining if this is the time to do it.

13) Dreams about hair growing in weird places:

This is the most common interpretation of seeing hair in dreams. For some reason, hair symbolism represents the changes that we go through in life. We each leave our unique mark on this world, and our experiences with others contribute to who we are and what type of person we grow into.

If you see abnormal hair growth, such as when you have a lot more hair than you did before – or it’s sprouting in unusual places such as your eyes or ears – then this could be something significant happening within your life. The dream is trying to show you that you need to look at different aspects of your life in a different light.

Also, if the hair growth is long and curly with no particular pattern, it could show you that something in your life is out of control. It could be a relationship that has gotten too serious, or it’s a project that you’re working on or has taken on too quickly without careful consideration of what needs to be done.

14) Dreaming of someone doing my hair:

As strange as it may seem, sometimes dream interpreters interpret dreams of seeing someone doing their hair to represent the dreamer’s need for attention. 

It doesn’t matter if we’re doing somebody else’s hair, haircuts for ourselves, or our hair. Interpretations of this theme can be positive or negative depending on our relationships with the people around us.

A positive interpretation would be to reflect a desire for a relationship with a particular person in your life. The opposite of this would be to reflect a negative relationship where you feel frustrated or hurt by that person in some way.

Biblical Meaning Of Long Hair In A Dream

Biblical Meaning Of Long Hair In A Dream

If you dream of having long hair, this is a sign that your mind will be filled with false teachings. Something will be said to you that you should not believe.

Some believe that if you see yourself having long hair in a dream, an elderly family member or someone close to you is in poor health and dying. 

Dreaming of seeing long hair in your dreams can also indicate the death of a parent, spouse, or spiritual leader. The biblical meaning of white hair in dreams suggests that you are attracted to people who have white blood and that your life is stressful and full of tension.

Dreams of long, straight hair means you are searching for truth and answers in your waking life, but you are not being directed to the fact for some reason. Dreams of white hair in a dream symbolize death.

Summing Up!

The interpretation of hair in dreams can differ depending on what is done: if it’s your hair, it’s a symbol of you. Doing other people’s hair can symbolize that you’re trying to give these individuals or groups some direction in their lives. If you cut someone else’s hair or try to, it could mean someone is trying to tell you something about yourself.

As we wrap up our series on the meanings of hair in dreams, hopefully, you’ll come to understand the true beauty of dreaming and all the symbolism that can be associated with it. We hope you like these interpretations. Comments and ideas are always welcome!


1) What does dreaming about hair mean?

A: Seeing hair in dreams has been the subject of many fairy tales. Fairy tales often contain jealousy, danger, beauty, and death themes. These themes can usually be found within your dreams as well.

2) What does it mean when you dream about your hair growing long?

A: Dreaming about long hair growth can signify that you’re on the verge of something meaningful and satisfying. It could also mean you’re about to lose a battle or have a significant accomplishment in your life.

3) What is the prophetic meaning of hair?

A: Hair is prophetic because it can tell you about something that will happen to you. For example, if you dream about seeing through your hair, it may mean you’ll soon be able to see through your problems and learn the truth behind them. If seeing your hair in a dream means someone special will leave your life, then the dream will warn you of this in advance.

4) What does it mean when you dream about loose hair?

A: Dreaming about loose hair in your dreams indicates that you’re going through a transitional period. You may have difficulty letting go of a past relationship or being forced to leave your home. If you dream about having a lot of loose hair, you’ll soon lose someone important to you and let down the ones who need your support.


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