Dream of Chicken Meanings & Interpretations

Dream of Chicken

You just woke up in the middle of the night from a crazy dream about a chicken. Now you’re wondering what to do. Do you share your dream on Facebook? You might not want to post it on social media, but you must take a few minutes to decode the meaning of your dream before getting back to sleep. 

Chicken is a type of bird that is commonly found in the animal kingdom. Chicken is a symbol of fertility and prosperity, a luck symbol, and a lucky charm.

Chicken symbolizes everything from good fortune and prosperity to happiness, rebirth, reincarnation, and more. Dreaming of chickens is similar to a rooster because they are male. 

But while the rooster symbolizes a man going through the male stages of life, the chicken represents the passage into womanhood or marriage. Let’s explore other possible meanings of the dream of chicken and what you can do with your newfound knowledge.

What does it mean to dream of chickens?

What does it mean to dream of chickens?

To dream of chickens is a sign that you are afraid of your responsibilities and want to retreat from them. To dream of crowing roosters indicate that things are going well. This might be the first indication that business hens have been successful. 

Dreaming about chicken lice or parasites signifies worries in your personal life. The death of chickens may signal a change in family life or an impending travel, relocation, or career opportunity.

1) You are trying to break free:

If you dream of chickens, then this means that you have to break free of all assumed responsibilities. What was previously a burden on you has now become your strength. Such dreams indicate the beginning of a new adventure.

2) The chickens are your friends:

Dreaming of crowing roosters means enjoying a hectic life full of joy and fun. A sense of accomplishment usually follows such dreams.

However, as with all things in life, there will always be risks associated with such adventures. A dream about the death or harm of chickens indicates that you may have to give up your comfortable life for something new and exciting.

3) Period of hardship:

If you dream about chicken lice or parasites, this may indicate that it is time to come to terms with your current situation. You might have to make some tough choices to deal with some of the problems in your life.

4) Changes are around the corner:

The death of chickens may signify changes in your family life. Your spouse or partner might be relocating, or you might be traveling for work. It is also possible that a family member is ill, which may be the reason for your travel plans. However, the death of chickens signals that something unexpected may occur in your life.

5) Good news:

To dream of chicken means that you are on your way to a better future or have reached an important milestone. Such dreams can also warn about impending danger or punishment for wrongdoing.

Spiritual meaning of chicken in a dream

Spiritual meaning of chicken in a dream

Dreaming of a chicken or any other bird usually means that you should feel joyful. Sometimes people fear for their safety; even subconsciously, a dream about a chicken can be considered an omen of good luck. Chicken is one of the most favorable symbols. It represents the following: joy, success, welfare, and prosperity.

The chicken spiritual meaning is associated with the first state of the egg before it hatches. According to this belief, life begins from a simple nut and becomes huge and powerful.

Psychologically speaking, a chicken in a dream is a symbol of fertility and prosperity. It also represents rebirth, resurrection, and reincarnation. The interpretation of this symbol can change according to the individual. 

The dream chicken can emphasize one’s self-awareness or its lack. The spiritual meaning of eating chicken in a dream is associated with the idea of eating one’s self or part of it. The dead chicken spiritual meaning is also associated with death or the need to change one’s life. 

17 Common Dream about Chicken & Their Meanings

17 Common Dream about Chicken & Their Meanings

1) Seeing raw chicken in dream:

The dream of raw chicken can be an indication of your being vulnerable in some way. It may also mean that you are being taken advantage of by someone. Raw chicken may symbolize your vitality and animalistic desires, which you must keep hidden and not show to others. 

If you dream of returning a raw chicken to your home, you will feel that you can protect yourself but can’t defend your dignity. A dream of this kind may also convey your abandonment by someone who betrayed you and left you alone.

2) Dream of chicken breast:

This dream symbolizes a sense of security in one’s life. It may indicate anxiety about not going far enough and reaching one’s peak ambitions.

This dream is usually associated with feelings that something has been gained or acquired through questionable means. The reward might be ill-gotten or undeserved, or the dreamer may have committed some sin in their life. 

Seeing a dream of a chicken breast could also be a sign that one’s peers or family members are being judgmental about something. It could also mean that an important relationship is being criticized.

If the dreamer sees the chicken breast early in the morning, they may be watching their physical health and looking for signs that their current level of health is good enough to continue growing. Additional meaning can apply if they see that their mental state is weak, thus suggesting they should keep up with their physical health (eating well and exercising).

3) Dreaming of white chicken: 

A white chicken means you have a kind, caring and sympathetic person who is always on their toes to help you. Live white chicken dream meaning is telling you that this person is always there for you. 

This dream tells you that this caring person doesn’t want to see you get hurt, so they are there for you whenever you need them. Moreover, this dream is also letting you know that you are always going to be protected and protected by this caring person.

4) Holding hen in dream:

Such a dream means you are expecting something from the person in your dream. When you dream that somebody else is holding a hen, you should be careful and try to avoid danger. 

The dream of flock of hens indicates that you need to think more carefully before you may end up hurting someone else. Similarly, a hen in a dream means harmony between people. 

You are involved in fighting or arguments with somebody, causing you to leave the place where you are living in the dream. You are struggling with somebody over something, thereby preventing you from attaining your goal or objective, but if the struggle is over something you hold dear, see yourself victorious when it ends.

5) Dream of cooking chicken:

This common dream generally means that the dreamer will be on a good path in life. They have successfully overcome some obstacles, and this will inspire further success.

The dreamer is being tested or put in a difficult situation, but they persevere and keep fighting. Dreaming of cooking chicken also can suggest that the dreamer will succeed despite some obstacles in their way. 

Dream of cooked chicken can also suggest that being a good wife or mother is what the dreamer should be doing. The dreamer is choosing to follow a particular path in life. 

Cooking chicken in dream meaning is usually positive. Moreover, dreaming about cooking the chicken could also signal that the dreamer is creative in their life. Eating chicken in dream can also mean they will have good children and are well-known in their community.

6) Dream of eating chicken: 

If you are eating a chicken in your dream, you should keep going. It may also be a pun about being single and socializing with others. This is bad if you’ve ever had an anxiety dream about eating chicken! 

Dream about eating chicken is usually a sign that you are far away from your family and friends. Moreover, someone close to you has died or is in the hospital. Such dreams might also mean that you are overly dependent on others.

7) Dreaming of Rooster/Cock:

Do you dream of a rooster or a cock? This might be a warning that you need to deal with matters more responsibly and effectively because the situation is getting out of hand. You may also be feeling your masculinity threatened by competition in your daily life.

You might also feel extremely self-conscious about forgetting something you need to do at work. Rooster dreams are also associated with rebellion and hostility.

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8) Dream of chicken meat:

To dream of chicken meat implies experiencing feelings of satisfaction and completeness with recent events in your life. It is also a sign that you are getting used to your current life situation and status.

To dream of chicken meat also signifies that you need to reassess your priorities in life and shift focus from material items to more meaningful things. Moreover, the dream may tell you to celebrate your success and achievements of recent events.

Dreaming of consuming chicken meat foretells that you will encounter many obstacles if you decide to take up a new project. The project may come to fruition after some time or fizzle out altogether.

To see others consuming chicken meat signifies your strong desire to help others in need despite your current financial instability.

9) Dream of fried chicken:

This is a very positive dream. It may indicate a generous and helpful person in your life. This person may be someone you haven’t yet met, or if the dreamer is looking for something, they might become involved with this dreamer’s personality or lifestyle. The fried chicken dream meaning is also considered to be a good one. The dreamer will be able to see the beauty of life.

Dream about fried chicken indicates that your abundance is being squandered. You need to consider investing in something that can earn you money and help you grow. Your prosperity can rise out of what you do for someone else.

10) Dream about baby chick:

A baby chick may symbolize your concern with a new idea or situation you don’t feel comfortable with. Such dreams may be a sign that you need to adjust. Baby chick dream meaning is new life, change, and transition.

Your dream tells you to control yourself or express more moderation. Dreaming about eating chicken may indicate that you must go on a diet or eat less rich food if such dreams happen with other dreams and symptoms.

11) Dreaming of dead chicken:

This dream translates into being an early bird who can do things before others. Putting in the work ahead of time allows you to reap the benefits.

Such a dream may indicate that you are spending too much time alone and need to get out there more and interact with people. Don’t be afraid, though, because there are plenty of people out there who want to nurture your creative side. Dead chicken dream meaning suggests that you are too critical of other people and need to be more understanding.

This dream may also suggest that you are looking for a new taste in your life, that is, if dead chicken symbolizes death. You should move on and elsewhere with your life. 

12) Dream of Being Chased by Chickens:

Dreams where chickens chase you usually pertain to your feelings of being powerless and unable to escape a situation. In other words, dreams about being pursued by chickens may portray your insecurity and worries about how things are going. 

Being chased by chickens may also portray your inability to escape from a problem you have gotten into. For example, you may have intentionally or unintentionally told someone a lie, and now you are worried about being caught in the lie. Or your financial situation is going downhill, and you fear losing everything you own.

13) Dreams of flying chicken:

Flying chickens are often symbolic of a sense of freedom and liberty. You may also be feeling overwhelmed with busyness in your life. Chickens flying reminds you to move forward; if not now, then eventually.

Chickens would cackle and run around but are also seen in a peaceful and quiet setting. You often see numerous chickens in a dream when you aspire to build a stable family or care for your loved ones.

14) Dream about Stealing a Chicken:

Dreams, where you steal chickens from others, often symbolize taking something from someone without them knowing. It may be a warning to stop and consider the consequences of a plan before you go through with it. Such dreams can also be a warning to consider the consequences of your actions before you act.

Intelligence and success may be involved in stealing chickens from someone else out of jealousy or to have something desired by others without giving any value to it. It symbolizes good luck, prosperity, and a way to improve your life.

15) Dream of Chicken Laying Eggs:

When you have a dream about a chicken laying eggs, it could also mean that you are releasing pent-up energy. Such dreams are often caused by anger, frustration, or nervousness. 

This is especially true if the chicken was being mean to you. Laying eggs represents releasing emotion, which may have been building up inside you for a while. If you are an artist, you may have this dream if you need a creative boost.

16) Dreams About Buying a Chicken:

Buying a chicken in your dream symbolizes that you will feel very satisfied with an upcoming purchase. So, dream of buying a chicken in your dream to indicate that you will be able to make a purchase soon. 

The dream signals that you will buy something you never thought of buying, but you will eventually get what you want. If the purchase is very big, it indicates that the purchase will bring many benefits to your life.

17) Dreams About Killing a Chicken:

If you dream about killing chickens, that represents your desire to break free and pursue new opportunities. You may also feel like you are being oppressed or prevented from doing what you want. Moreover, you may feel like your personal freedoms are being threatened.

Biblical meaning of chicken in a dream

Biblical meaning of chicken in a dream

A chicken symbolizes humility, repose, purity, and a person who possesses the ultimate power. According to the Bible symbolism of chicken is close to Christianity – it is a symbol of rebirth or resurrection. A dream about eating chicken or any other bird can highlight one’s purity and innocence.

Chicken also suggests a need for change in our lives because we’re not living fully according to our soul’s desires. Chicken can be interpreted as part of oneself because it represents mortality, change, and rebirth. 

In Bible, it’s also a symbol of prosperity, fertility, and good luck. The Bible’s interpretation of chicken in a dream is associated with the idea of someone who is not willing to search for their true purpose in life.

The Bottom Line!

As we lay in bed, our minds drift into a world of wonder, where the subconscious takes the reins and paints vivid pictures in our sleep. Among these enigmatic visions, the presence of chickens may seem ordinary at first, but as we delve deeper into their significance, we realize the complexity of their symbolism.

The meaning of chicken dreams eludes a definitive answer, for it is as diverse as the individual who dreams it. Psychological factors, personal experiences, and cultural influences all shape the interpretation of these dreams. 

For some, chickens may represent fertility and abundance, signifying new beginnings and opportunities. Others may embody cowardice or fear, evoking feelings of vulnerability or powerlessness. Still, some may hold spiritual connotations, representing sacrifice, purity, or divine guidance.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) What does a dead chicken symbolize?

A: The dead chicken symbolizes death and the idea that someone in your life has passed away. It can also represent an old friend or someone you miss dearly.

2) What does a chicken symbolize spiritually?

A: Legally and literally, a chicken represents a bird eaten and consumed. Spiritually, it represents the idea of self-sacrifice and tribute to the gods. It also symbolizes one of the four cardinal signs of Chinese astrology.

3) What does white chicken mean in a dream?

A: White chicken symbolizes hope and purity. It is also a symbol of the power of forgiveness. It is said that white chicken eggs can repel nightmares and that sleeping with one under your pillow will bring you clarity in your dreams.

4) What does dark or white chicken mean?

A: Dark chicken is usually a very ugly, dark-fleshed chicken. When it is white, it signifies wisdom as well as the power of washing away negative emotions.


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