Seeing Owl In Dream? What Does It Mean?

owl in dream

Have you had a dream about an owl? If so, your subconscious is probably trying to tell you something. The meaning of seeing an owl in your dream can vary depending on the situation, but a few general interpretations may be helpful.

Some cultures view owls as harbingers of death. You may have connected with this centuries-old belief and saw death or the afterlife in your vision. In this article, we will look at some of the most common reasons why seeing an owl in your dream may be a reflection of your psyche.

What Does It Mean When You Dream About Owls?

What Does It Mean When You Dream About Owls?

Seeing an owl in your dream means seeing the “gift” a specific part of your psyche has to give you. The owl symbolizes wisdom and foresight, often seen in a prophetic or premonition type of dream. We will look at some examples of how owl dreams have meanings.

1) Wisdom and Intuition: 

Seeing an owl in your dream indicates a wise and influential part of your psyche is giving you a gift. The gift may be a message from the unconscious about something happening in your life or advice on solving a problem. 

In addition, seeing the owl in your dream may be a message about an upcoming event that will fundamentally alter your life. This can be very stressful for deeply religious people, leading to anxiety if you do not know how to interpret it.

2) Transition and Change: 

If you have an owl dream, you are in the midst of a transition, change, or transformation in your life. It is particularly common to have an owl dream when going through a divorce, changing jobs, moving to a new city, or moving from one house to another. These transitions can be difficult, and the owl may be trying to advise you on handling them.

3) Death: 

If you have an owl dream about death and mourning, you are reflecting on your mortality. It can be a challenging vision to bear, and it may lead you to believe that your time on earth is ending. 

However, dying or mourning are common subjects of prophetic dreams in general. Seeing an owl in a dream about death may be a warning about something terrible that will happen in your life.

4) Protection: 

If you dreamed that an owl protected you from harm, your unconscious guides you during this transition and change. 

You may protect yourself in the dream or save someone from a specific danger. In addition, a dream about an owl can be a message from your unconscious that you are in terrible danger and need protection.

5) You Have An Owl Friend: 

If you dream that you have an owl for a pet or that an owl is a friend or relative, you have a part of your psyche that watches over and protects you. 

It could be someone who helps to guide your life positively. The owl may also represent the qualities of intuition and wisdom that this person brings.

Spiritual Meaning Of Owls In Dreams

Spiritual Meaning Of Owls In Dreams

In some cultures, the owl is related to death. Some native tribes see owls as messengers of the afterlife. The female owl is sometimes associated with great wisdom and knowledge. It can be seen as an image of spirituality in dreams. The male owl, on the other hand, may reflect a need for balance within your mind and soul in waking life.

In spirituality, the owl is often seen as an animal representing guidance and wisdom. Traditionally, the owl is associated with death, especially when a child dies. 

An owl was placed on the grave to watch over it. If you dream of an owl, this could mean you want to explore personal matters or worry about a situation where you need guidance.

General Dreams About Owls & Their Interpretations

General Dreams About Owls & Their Interpretations

1) Dreaming of an owl staring at me: 

A dream of an owl staring at you reflects the subconscious. Your psyche is trying to convey a message to you. The owl represents wisdom, and the fact that it’s staring at you means it wants your attention. 

What does it mean to dream of an owl staring at you? Having this type of dream may express the feeling that you are ignoring some vital information.

You may be in denial about the current circumstances in your life, but the owl represents your intuition trying to tell you something. If you experience this type of dream, try to pay attention to your hunches or do more research about what is going on in your life.

2) Seeing an owl in dream:

This dream may mean you have a death wish or are depressed about death. If it is an animal, you see that is not your pet, seeing an owl in a dream could mean that you must face some painful issues that have been buried for too long. 

You should take action to address these issues and gain courage and a fresh perspective. In addition, seeing an owl may mean you are having trouble sleeping or feeling disconnected from your emotions. Look at these situations and address them in your life. 

You are transforming your life into something better than before. You may have stopped focusing on negative things in your life or changed your relationship with influential people to take a fresh look at what you want from life and how you want to live it.

3) Dream of seeing 3 owls: 

Seeing three owls in your dream means that you are sensible and wise. You know what you are doing and what you are talking about. Moreover, you can persuade other people to do what you want. 3 owls dream meaning is a good omen. 

Such dreams denote prosperity and good luck. The dreams of seeing 3 owls in combination with the color white symbolize extraordinary success.

4) Dreaming about holding an owl: 

To see an owl in your dream could represent your childhood desires. Most likely, the dream represents something you want to do or become. Or perhaps the owl is in your dream due to desires or wishes that have yet to come true. 

Holding an owl dream meaning can also indicate that you are afraid to show your emotions or are trying to mask those feelings through others. In addition, the appearance of an owl in your dream may signify that something unexpected will happen to you.

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5) Dream about killing an owl: 

This dream can have positive or negative meanings, depending on whether the owl represents an enemy, friend, or neutral creature. It can also mean that you are attempting to be objective and forgive others’ mistakes, even though it may be difficult for you. 

Alternatively, this dream may communicate confusion about your feelings for someone and difficulty expressing them.

Killing an owl in dream meaning may signal your readiness to care for yourself. It is time for you to be strong and independent, and your dream may be telling you that you do not need the help of others to survive.

6) Seeing baby white owl in dream: 

A dream in which the dreamer sees a baby white owl takes its meaning from the situation in the dream. This kind of dream represents the innocence and simplicity of a child, and it is the kind of dream that appears to parents as a sign that their children are growing up healthy.

As a spiritual animal, an owl is also associated with wisdom. If you were dreaming about an owl in this way, then it means that you seek advice to solve a problem and guide your life in some direction. Baby white owl dream meaning can also mean that you are wise beyond your years and have the maturation level of an adult.

7) Dream of baby owl: 

If you saw a baby owl in your dream, it may foretell carefree and happy times. There are no barriers that will restrict your progress or slow you down. This is also a symbol of parenting and watching over your own children as they grow. 

If you don’t have any children, it indicates that you will soon meet a youngster who will bring joy into your life. Baby owl in dream meaning is a sign of pleasant times. In addition, the baby owl shows the divine power of motherhood. It is also about the protective power which mothers have for their children.

8) Dreaming of white owls:

If you dream of a white owl, it symbolizes purity, spirituality, and innocence. Consider this dream a positive omen. In a dream in which you see a white owl, it can be an indication of a happy time in your life. Such dreams can foretell a new relationship, the birth of a baby, or a positive change in you and your life.

Although, if you dream of an evil white owl, you are going through a spiritual crisis. In both cases, interpreting the dream with a white owl depends on its position in your dream. If the white owl overlooks you from above, it symbolizes something good. If it is flying towards or attacking you, it foretells misfortune.

9) Dreams about brown owl: 

To dream of an owl with brown feathers indicates that your slow and steady efforts will be rewarded. Brown owl dream meaning may also refer to financial issues. It could be the next step in an investment, a payment, or a property project you are involved in that is about to pay off. 

Such dreams may also suggest that you are opposed to changing your life or need to be more active in pursuing your goals.

Moreover, to dream of a brown owl in flight signifies success, good news, and money. This dream could forewarn you of upcoming good fortune or an increase in income.

The Bottom Line!

An owl in a dream suggests that there is something you are not telling someone that you have hidden from them. Or, the presence of an owl may mean that you want to be alone with someone you desire to have a relationship with. 

The appearance of an owl in your dream may also reflect a state of confusion about what you want from life, the relationships in your life, and the people around you. We hope we have shed some light on the meaning of owl dreams.


1) What does an owl mean in a dream?

A: Seeing an owl in your dream is a message from the subconscious that the dreamer should use their wisdom and abilities to seek insight into matters. 

2) What does it mean when you dream about an owl in Hinduism?

A: In Hinduism, the owl is a symbol all spiritual belief systems use. It is usually related to wisdom, learning, and knowledge.

3) Are owls good luck or bad luck?

A: Generally, seeing an owl in your dream is not a good omen. It may be a negative reflection of a situation or people you are with. The only exception is if it represents an image of the Great Spirit or God himself.

4) What is the spiritual meaning for owl?

A: The owl’s spiritual meaning is that it symbolizes wisdom, knowledge, and vigilance.


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