Dream of Elephant: True Meanings & Interpretations

Dream of Elephant

It’s not every day that you see an elephant in your dream. Dreams and the subconscious mind are complicated to decipher. There is no “what does this dream mean?” because the meaning can change depending on what you’ve been feeling or have been thinking about recently. So with a guide, people can understand their dreams to the point of not sleeping.

In this blog post, I’ll give some insight into different interpretations of elephants in dreams.

What Do Elephants Symbolize In Dreams?

What Do Elephants Symbolize In Dreams?

There are so many things that an elephant symbolizes. The following are some of the most common interpretations:

1) Happiness & Success:

To dream of elephant is to dream about good luck. An elephant is considered a sign of good luck and positive energy. The elephant has long been a symbol of power and strength. 

In the East, the elephant represents power, happiness, and an event or achievement that brings them great joy. So, dreaming about an elephant is likely a positive omen.

If your dream involves an elephant, this may symbolize that you are ready to receive your blessings.

2) Strength, Grace & Power:

Elephants are large creatures and have a powerful presence. To dream of elephant is to realize that you possess great power and strength. You may come across someone in your dreams trying to tell you something by having an elephant show up. 

This could be a way for your subconscious mind to let you know that your strength can overcome anything. Or it could mean you have the power to deal with everyday problems in life.

3) You Want To Make A Big Decision:

Dreaming about elephants can be a sign that you are in the process of making a big decision in life. You may be considering what you want to do. You might be at a crossroads, and the elephant clarifies the situation. 

Or it could mean that you are having trouble deciding your next move. Maybe you’re waiting on something or someone, and the elephant helps you determine what you should do next.

4) You Want To Make A New Beginning:

This is an exciting meaning to the symbol of an elephant in your dreams. The meaning states that the dream came about to let you know that it’s time for you to make a new beginning. 

This could be regarding your personal life or career. You should make some changes regarding your relationships or responsibilities at work.

Dreams about elephants can also mean that you need to take charge of your life. Elephants are known to be massive creatures, so if you dream of one, you need to take the bull by the horns and take charge of the situation.

5) Intuition:

Elephants are a symbol of intuition. They possess a fantastic intuition that helps them better survive in their habitats. Dreaming about an elephant symbolizes a decent or strong gut feeling about something.

6) Birth:

If you dream about an elephant while giving birth, it’s a sign that it’s time for you to start or continue the birthing process. 

This could mean that you should start working on an important project or goal, and this is why you need to reach a decision. You may have just finished giving birth to something new, so it’s time to give birth again.

Spiritual Meaning of Elephants In Dreams

Spiritual Meaning of Elephants In Dreams

Dreaming of an elephant represents strength and power. When dreaming of elephants, you will generally feel that you are being guided through the dream. Your subconscious is trying to tell you about your life and letting you know which decisions could benefit your life path.

Elephant dreams are also said to represent maternal instincts or guidance and wisdom from mother figures, such as a mother, grandmother, sister, or any woman who has taken on a motherly role in your life. In spirituality, the elephant is not seen as a negative animal but a powerful symbol of the wisdom held within us all.

A dream may also tell you you must find your inner strength and follow what you know deep down in your heart. It may mean fixing something in your life history or coming to terms with sadness, grief, or trauma.

Some General Elephants Dreams With Their Symbolism

Some General Elephants Dreams With Their Symbolism

1) Seeing an elephant in a dream:

A dream of seeing an elephant means you should watch what you say and do it carefully. For example, if your dream involves people speaking ill of you or mocking your personality, that could mean you are having a hard time dealing with the opinions of others. 

Or if people are trying to get your attention but the elephant is in the way, then it’s best to get them to let you do whatever matters most. In addition to this, when an elephant is in your dream, and you see it for the first time, it means that there’s something new to you that you have just encountered.

2) Black elephant in dream:

If a black elephant is your companion in your dream, it means isolation and separation from your family. It may also mean that you are ignoring some personal issues at work. In short, it means that you lack support and should start working on your relationships. Such dreams can also be related to some form of depression. 

Moreover, if a black or dark-colored animal accompanies your dream, you may need to change your life. The black elephant in your dream means you haven’t been expressing yourself or hiding something about yourself over the past few months.

3) Dreaming of baby elephant:

If you saw an elephant in your dream that was very small, that symbolizes that the subconscious mind is trying to tell you that something is immature and needs to be taken care of. If the elephant was small and you throw something at him, that symbolizes that you are angry at the tiny baby elephant because he is behaving immaturely.

These dreams can also symbolize teaching innocence and joyfulness, as elephants are playful creatures. Moreover, it represents how your mind often prepares to care for something. In that case, you should be aware of what you teach the baby elephant instead.

4) Injured elephant in dream:

Getting injured, injuring yourself, or seeing an injured elephant in a dream can all represent the same thing. Whether this means hurt feelings, regret, or even guilt in your subconscious mind. Also, if the elephant stops breathing in your dream, it could mean death. This is because elephants are warm-blooded mammals, like humans, who must live to stay alive. 

Such as when the drunk hunter shoots an elephant out of his safari vehicle, then gets out only to see that the elephant has stopped breathing. Symbolically this represents your regret at a mistake you made in your past or present. This dream lets you know that you must make amends for your actions.

5) Feeding an elephant in dream:

You are generous and giving to others without expecting anything in return. You are focused on providing and helping people out. You are genuinely concerned about others’ needs. When you dream of feeding an elephant, it is a sign that you are generous, giving to animals and people in need. 

When the elephant feeds itself with its trunk, it symbolizes self-reliance. This dream also suggests that you are a caring person who wants to help and support others.

6) Dreaming of elephants in the water:

Sometimes it’s just a simple dream of an elephant in the water. If you remember the direction of the elephant or what it was doing, that should give you a better idea of what it might mean. When I have an elephant dream that doesn’t seem to have symbolism or deeper meaning, I search for elephants and water. 

Dream interpreters and authors commonly interpret such dreams of elephants in the water as a reference to elephants’ calmness, power, and spirituality. Also, in some Asian countries, dreaming of an elephant standing in the water is believed to symbolize good health and longevity. Another interpretation is that it foretells news or communication from far away.

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7) Dream of riding an elephant:

The elephant is symbolic of a large, powerful man. When one dreams of riding the elephant, it is most likely about some armed aggression that one has been experiencing in real life. The dream may also be about an aggressive business deal or a lawsuit with the same theme.

The animal itself symbolizes strength and power. The best way to interpret this dream is to keep your focus on your aggressiveness and refrain from fighting in real life (if you so wish). 

The dream of riding an elephant gives you a sense of pride and honor, which you may need to be getting in reality. Moreover, you may be forced to do these things that imply the elephant theme (armed aggression).

8) Dream of seeing the angry elephant:

The elephant symbolizes emotional strength, protection, and wisdom. This is the elephant that you are in your dream. Seeing this elephant angry and charging at you means you are suddenly experiencing a robust emotional situation in your waking life. It also points to past emotional pain. However, it could mean you can dislodge the pain and move on.

The dreamer does not need to be fearful of a negative situation; The dreamer has something valuable to share with others. And there is an opportunity for the dreamer in the present moment.

Dreams of seeing angry elephants with humans are sometimes very positive and indicate that the dreamer feels like they have made progress on a project that was not going well or even abandoned. These dreams often mean pain relief and improved health.

9) Dream about the white elephant:

A white elephant is a gift from the king as a token of gratitude. The elephant symbolizes an ideal or valuable work. Thus, the dream of seeing the white elephant indicates that all your efforts will be fruitful. 

These dreams are prevalent among people who dream about politicians or businessmen, as these figures often get many awards and rewards after working hard.

White elephants in dreams symbolize good luck and happiness. Even white elephants are a sign of auspiciousness, as they are considered highly auspicious in their ancient cultures.

10) Dreaming of being chased by elephants:

Being chased by elephants in a dream is a symbolic meaning. It means you are pressured and would like to escape your problems. Alternatively, life has been so hectic recently (you have had too much to care for) that you cannot focus on anything anymore.

Such dreams also often mean the desire to escape from problems and just be left alone. Moreover, dreaming of being chased by elephants means you must address your concerns.

11) Dream about a dead elephant:

If you have ever seen a dead elephant in your dreams, it probably means that you are feeling stressed and overwhelmed. You have difficulty coping with life and have given up hope of things changing.

This dream symbolism can also mean you feel dead inside, a severe depression. It also means you think your life is hopeless and it is time to give up. Moreover, if you see an elephant in your dream and it is dead, you feel lonely and left out.

Biblical Meaning Of Elephant In Dream

Biblical Meaning Of Elephant In Dream

In the Bible, there was a God Who came to earth. But He was not a physical being that walked the earth. He was more of an energy force that descended into humanity to “make him aware of His existence.” The Jewish people had been told by their scriptures that God created them, but people had forgotten the true meaning of the word creation.

Dreaming of a real, live elephant may mean that you feel your path has a huge obstacle that you have to go around. Perhaps someone close to you has been causing problems in your life, or there is a philosophical belief that you need to overcome before you can move on.

Seeing Elephant In Dream In Hinduism Meaning

Seeing Elephant In Dream In Hinduism Meaning

Hinduism describes the elephant as a symbol of great strength. The elephant is worshiped in many temples in India and is portrayed with a large head or trunk and tusks, two prominent features on the face of this animal.

In Hinduism, having an elephant enter your dream can also mean that you have earned the respect of others and are being accepted into a group or society. Baby elephant dream meaning Hindu can represent a new project or relationship that has begun and is starting smoothly.

Summing Up!

As one can see, an elephant in the dream symbolizes many positive meanings. But, since it represents power and aggression, one should take caution while interpreting the dream and take a holistic approach toward understanding various interpretations.

It is necessary to discuss that humans have long revered elephants for their generous attitude toward their young ones. This is because elephants will not abandon their young ones even if they have a disability. This article will give you some insight into the common elephants in dreams and their symbolism.


1) Seeing elephant in a dream is good or bad?

A: It depends on what the elephant represents in your life.

2) What is the spiritual symbol of an elephant?

A: The elephant represents wisdom, patience, strength, and compassion.

3) Is seeing an elephant good luck?

A: Elephant in dreams can be positive and negative. It is considered good luck when you see an elephant in the mirror, in the reflection of water, or your shadow.

4) What if we see the elephant in dreams in Islam?

A: If the elephant represents wisdom, it would be like visiting an ancient wise person or a muse. Most of the time, the elephant in Islam is an important symbol.


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