Dream About Fish: What Does It Mean? (Spiritual Meanings & Interpretations)

Dream About Fish

Fish dreams can have a surprising variety of meanings. The most common interpretation of a fish is a wish to be free. To be carried through the water symbolized freedom from pain and conflict. One dreamer couldn’t wait to be in the water again because she was suffering so much.

Fish can also symbolize ambition, freedom, and personal growth. A dream about a fish may indicate that you have a purpose or love to achieve something in life, wish to grow, or seek out new challenges. In this blog post, I will explain how dream interpretations about fish can apply to your life.

What Does It Mean When You Dream of a Fish?

What Does It Mean When You Dream of a Fish?

Dreaming about a fish in a dream represents your desire to be free. When you dream of being carried through water by a fish, the symbolic meaning is that you have been trapped for some time now and wish to be free. 

The fish can come in various forms, thus carrying you through water (the water symbolizes the life that is already experienced), or it can take you through the air (air symbolizes the life that is yet to happen).

1) Unconscious Mind and Emotions:

When you dream of fish, the dream may come from your subconscious mind. If you see a fish in your dreams, it can portend that you are not happy with how life is treating you right now. You may be dissatisfied with where you are or have been. 

If there is too much water in the dream, the interpretation may be that this represents emotions weighing on you and needing physical release from your body.

2) You Wish to Leave your Present Life:

If you dream of fish in a dream, you can interpret this as your desire to move on, seek a different life, and start living the best life in the wide world of possibilities.

However, if the fish is small or very large, the meaning could be that you wish to live a simple life and would instead remain where you are now.

3) Wealth, love, and satisfaction:

Dreaming of fish in a dream can represent that you have great wealth and success, love and satisfaction. It may also mean you are sexually satisfied in your love life; if not, this symbolizes how you wish to be. 

If a fish in your dreams seems very large and powerful, this can be interpreted as your subconscious desire for great wealth and success. If the fish appears very old or sickly, this can represent your unconscious fear that you may not reach the goals you are striving for.

4) You are struggling in an unfamiliar situation:

If you are struggling in the water or being held back from achieving your goals, this can be interpreted as your unconscious mind trying to warn you that you fear leaving the familiar and struggling to achieve something new. In this instance, the fish symbolizes excellent personal growth and freedom.

5) You are on a dangerous quest:

Dreaming of seeing fish in a dream can also mean you are on a dangerous quest, such as war or some other type involving danger. The fish symbolizes the risk you are experiencing now and may not be able to escape from. 

If the fish appears small in this case, it can symbolize that you are just starting to desire great wealth and fortune or that you have no desire for this type of life.

Spiritual Meaning of Fish In a Dream

Spiritual Meaning of Fish In a Dream

The fish represents the emotion of pride. Dreamers who dream about fish are often proud, and the fish symbolizes this emotion in many dreams. Some people find dreams about their satisfaction a pleasant experience. 

You may feel proud when you win a race or achieve something special, especially if you are with friends, family, or lovers. Pride can lead to laziness, although some people will be very motivated while they dream about being proud.

In spirituality, dreams about a fish can represent a solid connection to the sea. Pagans know the ocean and are connected to it. They can feel at home near water and dream about fish when connected to the sea. Many people who dream about fish have family or friends involved in fishing or other water-related activities.

Most Common Dreams About Fishes With Their Meanings

Most Common Dreams About Fishes With Their Meanings

1) Dream about fish out of water:

If you dream of a fish out of water, it symbolizes your need for freedom and independence. You may be unsatisfied with your current situation and need to be held back. You must also learn to stand strong without depending on others or circumstances.

2) Dream about fish pregnancy:

To dream of a fish pregnancy is a wish to be reborn in another phase of life. The pregnancy may reflect your desire to be closer to family, friends, or loved ones. 

In addition, it may mean you are looking forward to the arrival of a new relationship or new experience. It can also represent that you are hoping for a successful new project.

3) Dream of holding a fish:

If you have a dream of holding a fish, it symbolizes your power to succeed in your life. This dream may give you a sense of victory. You can achieve what you want because you are in the right place at the right time. 

The dream also indicates that you will gain freedom, and new opportunities will come into play.

4) Dream about fish swimming in a tank:

A dream of a fish swimming in a tank may indicate that you are trying to hide something in your life. The fish can represent your fear of being exposed to the person or thing you have been hiding. 

Moreover, the tank in the dream suggests that you may be afraid of being outed by someone.

5) Seeing fresh fish in the dream:

This dream can indicate that you are trying to conceal something. Perhaps you feel ashamed over what you have done and wish to hide it from public view. 

You may be trying to keep your failure or mistakes secret or avoid the consequences of your actions.

Seeing a dead fish in the dream can refer to something that is about to die in your life. Perhaps you have made a significant mistake that will soon come back to haunt you and are trying to avoid its consequences. 

The dead fish can also be a warning or indicate someone is approaching the end of their life.

6) Dreaming of catching a fish:

Seeing or catching a fish in your dream means you will soon encounter new opportunities. Make sure you are prepared for the challenges ahead; it may be a reasonable time to take a risk or make a big change in your life.

7) Dream of eating fish:

Having a dream about eating a particular kind of fish indicates your personality. The fish you dream about will be the most prominent feature of your character. If you dream of eating a salmon, you are a social person who often appears confident.

It can also mean that you have a simple and uncomplicated personality. You are honest and straightforward when dealing with people. You can quickly get along well with those around you. 

8) Dream of dead fish:

Seeing dead fish in a dream can symbolize setbacks in one’s career, especially if the dreamer feels that they are out of control. The next gathering of fish signals that you need to build your wealth since you will need it soon.

If you are dreaming of dead fish, it is a bad omen. It means that something in your life will be affected. You might have a marriage problem, work problem, relationship problem, or even death.

9) Dream of colorful fish: 

This dream can indicate financial benefits, although you will have to work hard for them, make sacrifices and make some noise about your achievements. If you catch such fish, your success is guaranteed. You can be sure you will overcome all obstacles to a bright financial future.

Colorful fish dream meaning regards money. Dreaming about various colors indicates that you will use your opportunities well. The fish symbolizes the vanity that inspires people to make something of themselves and achieve their goals. 

You should get rid of your complexes, over-estimation, and stress. Being passionate about something is admirable, even if it’s hard to change who you are to fit in socially.

10) Dream about fried fish:

A dream about fried fish shows that you need to gain more prosperity and the ability to stand on your own feet. Such dreams will likely refer to your financial situation or someone else’s. You can’t always care for others without feeling strained and drained of energy.

11) Dreaming of fish in a tank:

To dream about fish in a tank means that you are exploring new opportunities and projects. You have a lot of interest and passion for developing something new. You should also be more creative in your life.

It is time for you to take some risks in life. In addition, you may need a change to get out of boredom.

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12) Dreaming about goldfish:

This dream represents good luck and fortune. You are on your way to earning more money or experiencing better opportunities in life. You can expect turning points in life where you can develop your potential for success and fulfillment.

To dream that you are swimming with goldfish suggests that you will have many challenges in life that will require your attention.

13) Dream about jellyfish:

Seeing jellyfish is a symbol of happiness and joy. It is said that one should swim in the sea for seven years before seeing a jellyfish. They indicate good luck and trustworthiness. Although they sting, with no ill effects, it symbolizes that you will receive stings from those you trust.

14) Dream of catfish:

This dream signifies a new path in life. You probably feel sleepy and do all you can to achieve your dream. Everyone wants to be liked and respected by their peers, so it is also a symbol of (self-satisfaction). 

Moreover, catfish can be connected with the energy of water, and thus they are good dreams for healing.

15) Dreaming about being eaten by a fish:

Being eaten by a fish is a common dream related to dreams about being eaten in reality. This may symbolize your desire to be carried away from the situation in your dreams or where you feel you are being dragged around. 

You may be overwhelmed by some stressful event in your life and wish to escape this problem and get back to doing what makes you happy.

This type of dream also often refers to your childhood. For example, if a woman dreams about being eaten by a fish, it may relate to a traumatic experience in her childhood where an animal was eating her.

16) Dreams about big fish:

In general, big fish represents something meaningful and noteworthy. If you dream about a big fish, this can mean an important message or realization for you in your life. It may also symbolize a great accomplishment you will make in the future.

17) Dream of Saving Fish Out of Water:

Have you ever dreamed about saving fish while they are out of water? If so, you need to pay closer attention to your dreams. Saving a fish out of the water represents how to save your psyche; it can help you find a way out of a difficult situation where you feel like there is no way out.

Dreaming that you try to save the fish but still cannot and watch it die is a common dream which refers to your inability to save someone from death.

18) Dreaming of cooking fish:

If you cook a fish in your dream, it may represent your wish to “taste life,” experience the joy of something or smell the happiness around you. It can also mean that you are trying to take control of a situation in your dream where you feel helpless.

If you open the fish and notice that it is rotten, this may refer to your feeling of disgust by someone whom you thought was good but who has done something really bad.

19) Dream about buying fish:

To buy fish in your dream can mean that you will achieve an important goal or prosperity in your life. It may also indicate that someone is trying to push you in a specific direction.

Dreaming about seeing fish on sale is a positive sign. This dream refers to the fact that you will earn more money if you spend wisely and are disciplined in making sound financial decisions.

20) Dreaming of bluefish:

To see a big fish in your dream that is blueish (blue whale) is an essential message for you to listen to; this dream refers to some impending danger that you need to take notice of.

Bluefish can also represent some spiritual message, and they can forewarn you about something that is near.

21) Dreams about white fish:

Whitefish represents purity and cleanliness. This dream may indicate that you are trying to be good or pure in your life, or it may be a message from your spiritual side that advises you not to do something harmful.

Dreaming about eating white fish can mean you will enjoy a time of purity when things go well for you.

To see a whole school of white fish swimming can mean that everything will work out for the best, and perhaps it is time for celebration.

Biblical Meaning of Fish in Dream

Biblical Meaning of Fish in Dream

In the Bible, fish symbolize knowledge. The fish represents God because it lives in water and thus knows the secret of life. Every person has something about them that is different from other people because of their personality or character traits. 

The difference between you and another person can be called “knowledge” in a dream.

Fish can also represent those who have not learned the truth through experience but use logic instead of faith and trust.

Seeing Fish In Dream Hinduism Meaning

Seeing Fish In Dream Hinduism Meaning

Fish in Hinduism is a symbol of abundance. Hindus who dream about fish often have plenty of money to spend. The reason for this is that the fish symbolizes the owner’s prosperity. The more fish there are in a dream, the more abundant wealth you will have.

A Hindu who sees a dead fish in a dream will lose money because the money is also connected to the fish.

Summing Up!

As we end this article, we hope you have found some value in it. Do you have any fish dreams to share? Please use the comment box below to discuss your thoughts. 

Feel free to join the conversation and let us know if there are any new dreams you would like us to add here in the next series of this article. 


1) What is the spiritual meaning of dreaming about fish?

A: Dreaming about fish can mean that you hope to be free of your past, to experience freedom in a new way. That may mean going into the water or some other open space, but it does not necessarily mean that you are dreaming about swimming.

2) What does it mean when you dream about fish?

A: When you dream about fish, it can mean you seek freedom from your fears and emotional pain and wish to go into the water to break free of limitations.

3) Is dreaming of fish lucky?

A: Dreaming of fish can be lucky, but this depends on other factors in the dream. For example, being held back by rays of light in a dream about swimming with fish may mean you are afraid to take risks.

4) What color fish is good luck?

A: Goldfish are associated with many positive things. They are a sign of abundance and good luck and a symbol of striving for greatness.


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