Dream Of Octopus: What Does It Mean?

Dream Of Octopus

Have you ever woken up suddenly from a dream filled with an octopus? Chances are, you dreamt about your anxieties and insecurities coming to the surface. This is because we tend to project our unresolved emotions onto the things we see before us.

For instance, if you’re scared of speaking in public or being judged for your opinions, your subconscious might create a situation where you are forced to do just that. An octopus can represent this fear of being attacked by others. This article will explore the symbolism behind this widely used creature.

What Does Dreaming About Octopus Symbolize?

What Does Dreaming About Octopus Symbolize?

If you dream of an octopus wrapping its tentacles around your body, it represents your fear of being attacked by others. Maybe you fear how others judge you for something you’ve said or done. 

It could also mean that someone is trying to manipulate and control you. Difficult family members may be trying to pull your strings. Here are some possible meanings that may relate to you:

1) Multitasking and Handle Emotions:

When you dream of an octopus, a common interpretation is that you are trying to multitask and handle multiple tasks simultaneously. You may be trying to complete several tasks in your waking life, negatively affecting your mental health. 

Sometimes, it might be better to take one thing at a time than to try and make up for lost sleep.

2) Delving into the Past:

An octopus can represent your desire to revisit your past and relive it in detail. Perhaps you dream of researching something and discovering that things aren’t as you remember them. 

In other words, it could be easier to accept what’s happening in your current situation by looking back on the past.

3) Comforting Yourself:

The ability of an octopus to change color is similar to how we cope with our emotions. Dreaming of an octopus may indicate that you are trying to comfort yourself, but this is usually not a good idea. 

When you try to cover up your pain with food or alcohol, sleep is the only way your brain can heal itself.

4) Accepting Change:

Some people associate the concept of an octopus can camouflage its body color with the idea of having a new outlook on a situation. 

They suggest that you are working through a situation where your current approach might no longer work for you. In addition, you may be looking for a new way to deal with events.

5) Releasing Unwanted Thoughts:

The idea that an octopus can change color is similar to how we deal with our thoughts. Dreaming that this creature is dark or light-colored could represent how you’ve been thinking about something over the day. This indicates how you’ve been feeling about a particular situation.

6) You Feel Like a Fool:

If you dream of an octopus, ensure you don’t decide to act on your thoughts and emotions. You might need to make a bigger mistake. This is because the dream could be trying to tell you that your thoughts are contradictory. You should take your time and try deliberating what it means for yourself before taking action.

Spiritual Meaning Of Octopus In Dream

Spiritual Meaning Of Octopus In Dream

This symbol is usually associated with the dreamer’s fears. An octopus is a universal sign that your inner demons are coming to the surface, or you fear someone else’s opinions might influence you. It represents chaos, confusion, and fear of the unknown. 

When you have such a dream, pay attention to its physical appearance because it might give you a clue as to what message your subconscious wants to share.

In spirituality, the octopus is also a symbol of deception. The older you get, the more lies you hear and the more trust issues you have. In dreams, this animal represents your inability to trust people who tell you things that are not true. This dream can also signify someone using you or playing with your emotions.

General Dreams About Octopus & Their Interpretations

General Dreams About Octopus & Their Interpretations

1) Seeing octopus in dream:

When you see an octopus in your dreams, you focus on abundance. The octopus has many tentacles, symbolizing the opportunities that will come when you embrace new thoughts and ideas.

In addition, this dream symbol points to being flexible with yourself and your decisions. You may be up in the air about something, but there is a silver lining if you can turn things around.

2) Dream of octopus chasing me:

Being chased by an octopus in a dream indicates a situation you must face, but you struggle to resolve it. This may be an emotional conflict or a physical problem. 

It could also mean that something has been brought to your attention that needs your attention. Such dreams are quite common.

As for the meaning behind this dream, an octopus in a dream represents the fact that you have let your guard down. This is because they are usually nocturnal animals known to be stealthier than humans. 

You have been too trusting and naive in your approach towards life to where you might be getting hurt now by someone who took advantage of you.

3) Dream of octopus attacking you:

To see an octopus in your dreams means your thoughts, fears, and insecurities are attacking you. You may have allowed your emotions to improve, but now they have forced you to confront them. The octopus cannot stop its attack until something is done about it.

If the dream continues with your waking perception, it means that lack of clarity and awareness brings out negative things in the world around you.

4) Dream of octopus in water:

More often than not, dreaming of an octopus in water means you hope to make positive changes. You can overcome any situation if you can see it this way.

Moreover, the dream represents your ability to turn your emotions into something positive. If you can do this, you will progress towards a successful goal without any hitches.

5) Dreaming about killing an octopus:

Killing an octopus in your dreams means that you feel threatened by something. You must decide if you want to be aggressive or defensive and which is best for you.

The octopus can represent this fear of being attacked by others. This dream may point to being ‘bitten’ by someone or a situation you cannot handle right now.

6) Dream of eating an octopus:

When you dream of eating an octopus, you want to take control of the emotions around you right now. You can harness them, but at the same time, understand how they affect you. If you can do that, these emotions will help you become more confident and positive in your waking life.

These dreams can also be interpreted as repressed emotions that are coming to the surface.

7) Dream about a dead octopus:

A dead octopus in your dreams means that you have hit a brick wall. If this is the case, you may need help to move ahead. 

In general, it means you need to learn about your ability to change and how to embrace change instead of fearing its outcome. In addition, these dreams are likely to be sexual.

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8) Dreaming of pink octopus:

Seeing a pink octopus in your dreams signifies your tendency always to seek the positive and avoid the negative. This is because creatures usually hide from things that frighten them. 

Seeing them as pink means you are certain they are ugly or attractive. In addition, it means that you may be afraid to reveal your true self for fear of being judged by others. It is best to stop being afraid and embrace who you are in this situation.

9) Dream of black octopus:

A black octopus in your dreams indicates that you choose to be inactive. You may want to stop seeing the world in black-and-white terms or become lazy and unmotivated. In addition, the black color can also represent sadness or depression. 

Such dreams are standard. If you are looking for a new job or relationship, this could be a sign that you are trying too hard to get something instead of letting things flow naturally.

10) Dreaming of cooking an octopus:

Dreaming that you are cooking an octopus means wishing to ‘feed’ your emotions. You need to know how your feelings affect you and how this can hinder life. If you are unaware of this, the dream may have a negative connotation. 

However, it can also mean you crave emotional nourishment and love. In addition, the fact that it is cooked means that you must incorporate it into your daily routine to benefit from its effects.

11) Dream of a giant octopus:

A giant octopus in your dreams means you are trying to tackle a bigger problem than you can handle. You may have bitten off more than you can chew, so stopping while you are ahead is best.

The dream may also indicate that many things in life are beyond your control and influence. Instead of getting frustrated about it, just let things unfold naturally.

12) Dreaming of catching an octopus:

When you catch an octopus in your dream, trying to keep a secret has gotten the best of you. 

Perhaps something is bothering you that you don’t want others to know about, but your subconscious forces you to confront it and let go of this issue. Octopi are deceitful creatures, and this helps show why your mind would want to reveal what you have been keeping inside.

Biblical Meaning Of Octopus In Dreams

Biblical Meaning Of Octopus In Dreams

In Christianity, the octopus has a negative connotation. The Bible calls it Satan’s animal and mentions that an octopus once stole a blanket at the time of Joshua. 

According to Christian mythology, this animal also gave birth to the Antichrist. The devil used its tentacles to control humanity and lead them away from God.

Moreover, dreaming of the octopus means Satan’s influence is taking you. The devil will send out his demons to tempt you and distract you from fulfilling your purpose in life.

Summing Up!

Dreaming of an octopus is most likely to represent the need to realize that you are the master of your emotions—if you can be honest with yourself and accept them for what they are.

At any rate, octopi and their tentacles point to something hidden or repressed about your emotions and feelings. This dream may also point to other areas of your life needing attention. 

We hope you find the answer to your question or the meaning of your dream in this article. If you have any comments or thoughts on this, please comment below. We would like to know what it means and what it could be trying to tell you!


1) What is the spiritual meaning of the octopus?

A: The octopus has long been associated with wisdom and magic. The Greeks believed octopuses were so clever they could enter a room without you knowing and steal your secrets.

2) Do octopus change colors while dreaming?

A: Yes. Octopus can change into different colors and shades, so you may see it in various hues while dreaming.

3) What does it mean when you dream about an octopus in Hinduism?

A: As always, dreams in Hinduism must be interpreted on a case-by-case basis. However, it is said that an octopus could represent a deva or a powerful spirit.

4) How intelligent is octopus?

A: This is an issue of debate. Some say that the octopus is a brilliant creature, while others claim that the octopus has no intelligence whatsoever. It’s hard to quantify their intelligence, but it is safe to assume they are smarter than a snake.