Jellyfish Dream Meanings & Interpretations

Jellyfish Dream Meaning

Many people know that jellyfish don’t have brains in one way or another, but what do our dreams about these creatures mean? In this article, we’ll explore common meanings and interpretations.

Some believe that jellyfish represent incarcerated family members and those with substance abuse issues. 

Others think that a dream about a jellyfish predicts future temptations, such as drug or sexual addiction. Here’s an interesting one: some people believe jellyfish dreams symbolize female sexual arousal. This blog post breaks down these interpretations and tries to piece them together.

What Does Jellyfish Symbolize In Dreams?

What Does Jellyfish Symbolize In Dreams?

Jellyfish are typically associated with our subconscious mind that controls our emotions and desires. They’re also symbolic of a fresh start. 

This suggests that we’re currently in a stagnant place, so the jellyfish in our dreams are telling us to head in another direction: one with more growth and change opportunities.

1) Aggression:

To have a dream of jellyfish represents aggressive thoughts and actions. It can also symbolize that you’re in physical pain. In a dream, a  jellyfish can be the symbolic representation of someone attacking you emotionally and physically; or it can symbolize your aggression against another person. 

In addition, if you’re dreaming about a jellyfish trying to sting you, it represents a desire to hurt others and yourself.

2) A Fresh Start:

In a dream, visions of jellyfish are typically symbolic of the need to start over in life. This is especially true if you’re dreaming about multiple jellyfish swimming around in your dreams; this suggests that you need to start over for some reason. 

Also, if you’re dreaming about a jellyfish trying to sting you, it means you’re having trouble starting over.

3) Healing:

Jellyfish can be a way of healing yourself and your relationships with others. This is especially true when dreaming about multiple jellyfish swimming around in your dreams. 

This suggests a situation where you need to get into the water and start swimming to heal yourself or start healing another person or relationship.

4) Feeling threatened:

When you’re dreaming about a jellyfish trying to sting you, it suggests you’re feeling threatened or in danger. 

This can be due to some outside influence different from your own emotions and desires, or it can mean that your subconscious mind is simply expressing anger regarding something dangerous.

5) You need to develop yourself:

Having a dream about a jellyfish can be a way of telling yourself that you need to start growing and developing as a person. As discussed earlier in this post, jellyfish symbolize our subconscious mind. 

This means that the jellyfish in your dreams is attempting to teach you how to become more aware of things you’re not. It’s also suggesting that you’re feeling bored with your current image of yourself and want something more out of life.

Spiritual Meaning of Seeing Jellyfish In Dreams

Spiritual Meaning of Seeing Jellyfish In Dreams

It’s said that jellyfish symbolize a lower or immature level of spiritual development. Some people believe this because, in many cultures, jellyfish are considered the lowest form of life there is, and people often associate these creatures with being unspiritual and lacking some higher spiritual awareness. 

Jellyfish represents a lack of inherent spirituality or a lower level of awareness in that area. 

General Dreams About Jellyfish & Their Meanings

General Dreams About Jellyfish & Their Meanings

1) Seeing jellyfish in dream:

When jellyfish appear in dreams, some think they symbolize imprisonment or release from captivity. 

For example, some think a dream about a jellyfish represents someone imprisoned by drugs. As an interpretation, the person might be freed from a situation that was imprisoning them in the past.

2) Dreams about getting stung by jellyfish:

A dream about getting stung by a jellyfish is, metaphorically speaking, a warning to refrain from getting involved in dangerous or deceitful relationships. In this case, the dream predicts an affair that will end badly. In addition, the dream is also foretelling a lawsuit.

3) Dream about black jellyfish: 

Seeing black jellyfish in dreams is often interpreted as portraying success. However, a dream about black jellyfish is also often symbolic of tragedy, such as losing a loved one. Such dreams also tend to indicate a time of mourning.

Black jellyfish dream meaning can also refer to a situation in which a person has difficulties with their significant other or a severe life issue. Sometimes the meaning is that someone close to the dreamer is going through something difficult.

4) Dreaming of red jellyfish:

Red jellyfish in dreams are symbolic of deception. Such dreams usually foretell deception by a loved one or deceitful dealings with someone in one’s life.

A dream about red jellyfish can also mean a change to the dreamer’s living situation, such as a move to another country, going on vacation, or starting a new job. The dream could also be a warning of infidelity in the future. Red jellyfish dream meaning can also predict business dealings that will not be fruitful for the dreamer.

5) Dream of white jellyfish:

To dream about white jellyfish represents a discovery of something important. Additionally, a dream about white jellyfish could express sorrow or regret regarding past events.

White jellyfish dream meaning may also be a sign that one’s good wishes are coming true in the future. If you are an avid fisherman, dreaming of catching or seeing jellyfish in the sea symbolizes a harvest or success from an endeavor. It can also mean that you will be involved in a situation that requires caution or careful planning.

6) Dream of octopus:

Dreaming of an octopus symbolizes a new stage in one’s life that requires perspective and objectivity. Such dreams may also indicate that the dreamer is changing their opinion about someone.

Additionally, dreaming about an octopus is a sign of friendship between the dreamer and the person represented by the octopus in the dream. On the other hand, dreaming about an octopus can also mean that a friend will betray you somehow.

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7) Dream about flying jellyfish:

Seeing flying jellyfish in dreams is usually interpreted as a sign that someone will be hurt. This could occur by accident or through negligence.

People who wish to meet a new person may even dream of flying jellyfish, which indicates that the wish will come true. However, an individual who has had such a dream should also consider other elements in the dream to get the full picture.

8) Dream of being attacked by jellyfish:

Getting attacked by jellyfish in dreams indicates something that will result in physical pain or injury. Such a dream warns of emotional distress, such as betrayal or cheating.

Bouncing jellyfish in dreams sometimes indicates that the dreamer is also worried about someone else who may be close to them. However, one can also interpret the bounce of jellyfish as a good omen of success and wealth. The same can be said when seeing a stingray or an eagle.

9) Dream about killing a jellyfish:

Having a dream about killing a jellyfish is usually interpreted as a warning for some aggressive behavior. If one dreams about killing a jellyfish, one may have nightmares that they wish to punish someone else.

A dream in which the dreamer kills a jellyfish can foretell dangerous or painful circumstances in the future. In addition, dreaming of killing a jellyfish could mean that the individual has trouble with personal relationships. Also worth mentioning is that seeing or being stung by a harmless jellyfish can represent something negative.

10) Dreaming of giant jellyfish:

Such a dream is often interpreted as a warning for an upcoming event with devastating consequences. So, this symbolism means that the dreamer should carefully consider their next move or action before taking it.

In relation to this, one should consider how the giant jellyfish looked in their dreams. Did it look angry? Did it look like it was attacking? If so, the jellyfish could represent someone who wants to attack or hurt you somehow.

11) Dream about jellyfish in the sky:

Seeing jellyfish in the sky is often interpreted as a symbol of hope. Such a dream and its meaning can also mean that the dreamer will experience a new outlook regarding a previous situation.

Additionally, people who dream about jellyfish in the sky are said to be very lucky individuals. This is because the dream represents the birth of a new idea or breakthrough that will allow them to overcome a problem or hurdle. In other words, it means they have something essential on their mind and will not give up until they get it.

Jellyfish Dream Meaning In Islam

Jellyfish Dream Meaning In Islam

Jellyfish may not have brains and no central nervous system, but they are entirely some part of Islam, as they are called “the crawling living objects with faces” in the Qur’an. 

In Islam, jellyfish are considered a sign of Allah’s mercy and are said to be a symbol of purity because they don’t have any organs. Moreover, jellyfish are perceived as creatures with great patience.

Jellyfish Dream Meaning In Hindu

Jellyfish Dream Meaning In Hindu

In the Hindu culture, a dream about jellyfish is seen as a good omen, and dreams about jellyfish are known to protect the sleeper from danger. For example, it may refer to an abundant harvest or an exceedingly long life. This dream is most often seen in older people, but not only.

Jellyfish Dream Biblical Meaning 

Jellyfish Dream Biblical Meaning 

In Bible, jellyfish symbolize the tentacles of Satan, which are seen as reaching out to grab people in the dream. 

Another interpretation is that jellyfish symbolize something being rotten or putrefying. It may also indicate a corrupted soul or an evil thought that may take root in a person’s mind. The Bible says that a jellyfish-like tentacle was used to measure the Ark’s size when it carried Noah and his family.

The Bottom Line!

As we can see, jellyfish symbols have a wide range of meanings. This is because they come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Although this list has been completed with all the jellyfish meanings, we must acknowledge that there are other interpretations for them. So, if you need an understanding of your dream, please contact us!

We hope our interpretations are exactly what you were looking for. If this article has helped you fully understand your jellyfish dream, please share it with your friends!

You can let us know in the comment section below if there are certain jellyfish symbols we should add or remove from this list. We would be glad to see your feedback!


1) What does it mean to see jellyfish in the dream?

A: This dream may be a vivid representation of something someone is experiencing in their waking life. For example, if someone is aware of a troubled family member, it may be that the person in the dream comes from the family where this person lives. 

2) What is the spiritual meaning of a jellyfish?

A: It is believed that the jellyfish represents a sense of being out of control and not having much power.

3) Is jellyfish good or bad?

A: There is no indication that either one is right or wrong; it depends on the interpretation.

4) Is getting stung by a jellyfish good luck?

A: There is no reason to believe that getting stung would be good luck.


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